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Look Up – The Viral Video That Makes you Think

This highlights the importance of Social Media as an enhancement or compliment to social life and not a replacement for it. Nourishing thoughts indeed!


Nourished Earthlings

One video. This video… wow.  The viral video ‘Look Up’ promotes the important issue of people spending immersing themselves in the social aspects of technology, falling into the deception of texts, snapchat, instagram, facebook, all social websites that aren’t actually social.  It talks about how we are dedicating ourselves to our online profiles and our internet persona, but our actual character is being forgotten… it’s value decreased.

This video really communicates the the issue of our social skills and the ability to interact is decreasing very quickly. We are becoming more and more intent on impressing those around us or people we don’t even know with status updates and pictures, things we tend to do not to enjoy but to gain friends or followers.

It really puts in perspective the value we place on social media status, that it is overtaking our need for actual social interactions and overall enjoyment of life…

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