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Crash course in Urban Shamanism

Very concise take on Shamanism. Skillfully written. I enjoyed this a lot!

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

By Will Hall

Jungian Art Work Jungian Art Work

Crash course in Urban Shamanism

Shamans are the magician spirit healers in tribal, non-technological societies around the world. Anthropologists use the word “shamanism,” from the Tungus people of Siberia, to mean the commonalities between different traditions. Shamans find their calling through a life-threatening initiatory illness or crisis, go into visioning and trance to connect to other realities, shapeshift out of their regular identity to identify with animals, spirits, and even illnesses, and return to the ordinary world to share skills of healing and creativity. Living at the edge of society and defying conventional norms, conduct, and even gender, shamans are respected as a powerful community link to the divine.

Traditional shamanism means being part of a living tribal society, apprenticing in it and learning its ways. To take this approach, you need to be accepted by teachers who are part of that culture. If…

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