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Mantis Earth Mother

Photo 2014-11-08 午後2 20 11

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6 thoughts on “Mantis Earth Mother

  1. Nice! reminds me of the San / Bushmen of the Kalahari, who venerate the mantis as a super being. they do tribal trance dances that carry on for days and then suddenly at some point there are mantis beings among them dancing along. Great when the entire community goes trance, in stead of just the shaman.

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    • Cheers, many thanks. Wow, I was unaware of the Mantis Kalahari connection. I’ll definitely look into that. The mantis has been a life-long companion for me. I’ve had numerous synchronicities with this beautiful creature. My most powerful one, was when I was at a coffee shop once, reading a copy of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and this baby mantis climbed up over the edge of the book and just stood there with it’s tiny head cocked to one side looking at me. To this day I still don’t know how he got there, I was in the middle of an outdoor urban mall, with no trees or plants nearby so he or she, must have hitched a ride somewhere along the way and waited for just the right moment. I cupped it in my hand and returned it to a garden space with a compassionate breath and a Tibetan prayer of Om Mani Peme Hung. It was really profound for me. It moved me to tears and filled me with a fearless kind of bliss. From that day forward, I new I had a very powerful animal spirit protector indeed! I have more stories to tell about Mantis Mother, so stay tuned. Many, many blessings dear friend.


  2. Wow, when I first saw this it was almost frightening. But that gave way to interest. I did a similar watercolor on a large piece of paper some years ago. None of the uber-artistry we see here. I can’t really paint. But I felt compelled to do it. The similarity is the theme. Some new kind of vision like an Earth Child or something (in my case superimposed on a smaller scale natural world of pines at Georgian Bay).

    Nice work. Could be on OMNI or something. I guess OMNI is no more. But you know what I mean… 🙂


    • Cheers for checking it out. Yes, Mantises are bizzare looking enough, more so when fused with a human image. I wanted to convey the Mantis spirit connection with the divine feminine archetype, as is relates to human conciousness. It’s also a celebration of the maternal nurturing and protection that has been provided by this animal spirit on my Shamanic path.


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