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Excellence Blog Award: What it is and How to Nominate

Firstly, I want to thank Henry Chamberlin from for nominating my blog Shamagaia for an Excellence Blog Award.

In recieving this nomination, I would like to express that the admiration is mutual. I am frequently in awe of the sheer clarity, sardonic charm, and wealth of cultural insight offered by Henry’s work. I feel very honored to receive this nomination from him.


So what is the Excellence Blog Award?

At the heart of this award, is reaching out to other passionate bloggers and letting them know, THAT THEIR STUFF SERIOUSLY FLOATS YOUR BOAT!! And what better New Year’s gift could you share with your most-admired fellow bloggers than this?

How to Nominate

The rules are that each nominee then nominates ten fellow bloggers and they go on to create a post similar to the one here, including the award logo. So, I follow up by humbly accepting my nomination and nominating ten bloggers that I have come to admire. Here is my list in no particular order.





 Gift From The Heart Share and Care 



 Maria Wind Talker

 The Truth Warrior

 Cartoon Mick

 Dreaming the World

 Biology of Belief

 Arrow of Awareness

 Bear Foot Connections



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Shamagaia Universal Healing

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