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The World Tree

At a time of deep ancestral connection with my Celtic roots during the lead up to my dear,  departed grandfather’s birthday, I have had a lot of tree wisdom and Druidic symbolism appearing in my visionary experience. A good time to reblog this, with many thanks to Martine Lillycrop of  Ritestuff!


treeMany cultures throughout the world consider the tree sacred.  Hardly surprising when you consider its size, majesty, durability and longevity.  To our ancestors, trees such as the oak, ash and yew must have seemed like eternal creatures, enduring the harshest of seasons and outliving the oldest of people.

From the symbolic tree of life of the Quabbalists to Yggdrasil in Norse tradition, the tree has been used as a system of transformation and spiritual enlightenment for millennia.  Most of us are familiar with Odin, who willingly hung for nine days and nights upon Yggdrasil, pierced by his own spear and awaiting the vision which gave him the runes.  It’s easy to see a correlation between him and the Christ, who also hung (willingly), and also pierced by a spear, for several days upon a wooden cross.  In both cases, the petitioner found his spiritual transformation.  The similarities between the two…

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