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Gratitude Prayer: A Daily Multi-dimensional Tune-up

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 A gratitude prayer is a way of connecting with and harmonizing our multi-dimensional aspects. It can be very flexible depending on the occasion, season, where it’s happening, or the co-creative participation of the influences mentioned within it.


You can customize however you like. For example you could choose to honour deities like Brigid for Celtic Pagan Imbolc, or Tara Buddha as part of a regular daily protection against negativity. You may include a specific departed ancestor/s in support of family occasions, or  seasonal animals or plants in addition to your personal spirit animal or plant guides, as the mood takes you.

You can include as little or as much information as you like. If something random pops up in your mind during the prayer, put it in the mix. It may have an important message for you to figure out during the course of your day. This is why it’s a good idea to do this first thing in the morning, if you can. It can make a profound difference to the quality of your day!

One of the main purposes of gratitude prayer-work, other than to count our  blessings, is to keep the channels clear and open to our higher awareness at all levels. It can help remove psychic and energetic obstacles and increase the flow of healing universal energetic nourishment to you. Additionally, it helps to improve your Extra Sensory Perception (it’s the psychic equivalent of weightlifting, use it or lose it!) It’s also a great opportunity to integrate wisdom from all your spiritual aspects at once: a multi-dimensional tune up as well as a potential message board of preventative wisdom about issues which may arise during your day and how you can relate to them.

During the Prayer

Read each line, take a deep breath and spend a little time to freely visualising each of the concepts in your own unique way, there is no right or wrong here, the words simply act as an anchor to help keep you focused. You can use my lines, or write your own according to the patterns of your spiritual beliefs. Most importantly, have fun and play with the imagery. Remember, it’s also an exploration of your psychic ecology and a co-creative work of art.

The prayer below is the framework through which I currently express my main daily message to the universe. A kind of love letter if you will. It has been written and rewritten countless times as inspiration takes me. I’m always keen to explore and integrate new ideas into my prayer work, like me, it’s a work in constant progress, so if you think of something cool that I could add to it by all means let me know!

Shamagaia Universal Gratitude Prayer

Turning our attention toward the multi-dimensional nature of being and the importance of sharing gratitude with all life

To Universal Source, creator and manifestor of all things:

We are deeply grateful for the chance to recieve your blessings in this and all other lives.

To the Earth, Sun, Moon, planets, stars and all other cosmic phenomena we offer our sincerest gratitude:

To our Mother Earth especially, we offer deepest appreciation for your life-giving nourishment and protection. We offer reciprocation in loving-kindness for all of the many blessings you have provided.

To our deities, ancestors and spirit guides:

With greatest humility we honor your daily presence in our lives. We give thanks for your protection, support and wisdom. We offer reciprocation in loving-kindness for all the many blessings you have provided.

To the animals, plants, rocks, trees, skies, rivers, winds, seas, lakes, mountains and elements in earth air fire and water:

We offer deepest gratitude for your nourishment, protection, healing, and co-creative presence in our environment. We offer reciprocation in loving-kindness for all the many blessings you have provided.  

We offer heartfelt consideration to family, friends, teachers, community and all others who have supported or guided us upon the path. Even those who have obstructed us, for they as much as any, have helped us appreciate and develop the virtues of tolerance, compassion and forgiveness.

With deepest gratitude and humility we once again seek to honour and thank you one and all for the chance to receive your nourishment, protection, energetic support and wisdom in this life.

With deepest loving-intention, we offer our accumulated merit to you one and all, in recognition of all the many blessing you have provided. We offer reciprocation in loving-kindness.

We Thank you one and all

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Samaya, Samaya, Samaya

(Sealed, Sealed, Sealed)



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