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Archetype of the UFO – DVD review

Check out this excellent review. Good docos on UFO’s are hard to come by. This is one of the much better ones by the sounds of it.


Archetype of the UFO - Reality Films Reality Films

Title: Archetype of the UFO
Genre: UFO, Paranormal, Metaphysics
Production Company: Reality Films

The depth psychologist Carl Jung once said that UFOs could be real but a good percentage of eyewitness accounts are likely projections from the collective unconscious.

Jung made this comment in the 1950s, a decade that saw a surge of UFO interest. Most UFOs at that time were portrayed as disc-shaped flying saucers. So Jung believed that the majority of UFO reports were projections of the mandala (a Sanskrit word for “circle”). In its own religious context, the mandala carries spiritual and cosmological meaning, but for Jung it is a basic psychological archetype.

Archetype of the UFO clearly borrows from Jung’s theories. For Jung, an archetypal image (like a flying saucer) points to physiological, cultural and spiritual aspects of the self. And as an archetype of wholeness, Jung describes…

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5 thoughts on “Archetype of the UFO – DVD review

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  3. Scary thoughts indeed for many to contemplate that their imagination may materialize into the waking life. However, I know my thoughts do correlate and synchronize into events of my daily life. I cannot understand why so difficut to believe, especially with the diversity of life that we all know exist in this sphere, that humanoid lifeforms, besides us, do exist and possibly live amongst us. I am one that believes if you can dream it up, it is as real as any other illusion. I do know the grey’s do exist in the macro~ We had an encounter. I do not tell this to many people for obvious reasons, but we had one sitting on my sons bed and three of us were locked in eye to eye. We knew it was real because the windows of a hundred year old house were painted, locked and screwd shut, so not to be opened. I know this because I was a builder and there was no way to open those old widows without majior destruction, and the window was left open with the freezing cold air and snow blowing into the house. My son was sitting upright, kinda pale, with a look of shock on his face. The next day he seemed like a different person. Before that night, I had never imagined, dreamed, or had any thoughts; that I can remember, that would have me believe, I somehow dreamt this up. A figment of my imagination, a projection of my inner knowing, maybe? What concerns me more is why. Why would something so far removed of my daily crystalized belief materialize into my life, if I hadn’t gave it any forethought? Also, what role do these beings play in the hierarchical order of our multiverse if they do live amongst us? Also, is the grey the Demiurge, the artisan of systemic design on this planet… And, do we really want to know the truth. Personally, I do not find it hard to believe that humans are not at the top of the food chain, whether it’s a figment of our imagination or part of the objective macro cosmic reality. I have never seen one since that night, and that has me wondering, if my son and I both have already had such the vision, atleast, enough to solidify the belief, why haven’t we had another encounter… If the collective believes in Alien life, the double slit theory will have us believe, we as the observer, imagined them right into our reality… I shut this topic out of my life untill recently, but i think it’s about time we get some answers! Thank you for bringing it up.

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