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Satyr Moon

Photo 2015-03-11 午後5 25 49

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Shamagaia Universal Healing

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4 thoughts on “Satyr Moon

  1. Hi Leeby!… I love the image and I can see the Nereid in the water too. I think it is a sort of shadow effect that produces the effect!…
    There are hidden unconscious contents here… The branches of the tree are mesmerizing and I like the fact that they seem to be trying to embrace the moon!…
    Stunning! ⭐ Best wishes to you, always, Aquileana 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, thank you. So much for making a special effort! The photo I used actually did have a person in it under the water, you could just see the vague shape of something swishing through underneath. Water and the feminine Nereid could also be references to passivity, emotions, numinosity (non-material conciousness) and subconscious thought, with the Satyr as a more masculine, rational, physically-oriented (active) counterpart, but with each with elements of one in the other, like the Yin Yang. The moon in harmony with the Satyr, and the bright spot of light on the water could be interpreted as the sun in harmony with the Nereid. A picture says a thousand words.


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