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Fire Vs TV (Part 2) Super-normal Primordial You

Dear Readers, this is Part 2 of a series, it will make more sense if you read the first installment before this one. (if you haven’t already) Many Thanks!

Fire Vs TV (Part 1) Gadzooks: By The Straps of My Yoga Toga


Regardless of whether we can land a man on the moon, or send probes beyond the farthest reaches of our solar system, the extent to which we have squandered our sacred pact with the forces of nature in our current industrial civilization, would almost certainly have been greeted with a sense of horror by those of the archaic world. “Oh, so you landed something on the moon did you? Well, how did the moon feel about it? Did you ask her permission? Did you pick up after yourself and put everything back the way it was when you found it?”


The great majority of human experience has been lived within a sensory ratio that included interaction with a very wide spectrum of energies and inter-dimensional ecology of intelligences both material and non-material.

As we re-awaken to this expanded, multi-dimensional sense of self, we are able to draw more deeply upon the wisdom of times when human experience was thrown wide-open to the primordial vaults of heaven and earth. By acknowledging our inseparable relationship with the plant, animal, mineral and celestial realms, and making use of the hard-won preservation of an incredible variety of ancient spiritual practices, we can reawaken the boundless sacred inner presence that is our human birthright.                                                    release geniusenergyinabottle

The combination of ritual sound, movement and or hallucinogenic plants for higher dimensional knowledge-seeking was commonplace in the archaic world; mundane, super-normal even. As super-normal as we might consider the internet today, except with the realisation that the wireless is built right into our DNA, with a limitless capacity and infinitely higher download speeds. Granted, a lot more preparation and flair were required to get online to a higher source, but the time saved with speed of light data downloads would more than make up for it.

inner wi-fi


After archaic hunters engaged in a heavy ritual trance dance, we could imagine them envisioning their search query through the equivalent of a local server from the web of the earth’s bio-magnetic field in a pattern of drum beats: Grazing animal herding patterns on the plains? When, where, how and perhaps even which peculiarly marked animal from the heard was consenting to appear and sacrifice itself in order to feed the tribe.

Links in the chain of beingbeings in the links of chains


In the process of these kinds of super-normal visionary experiences, we could also blur the lines between subject and object, enter the conciousness-stream of natural forces or places, draw upon the pool of collective ancestral experience in times of social upheaval, or even fashion a pipeline to those parts of us which were embedded in the consciousness of the very Earth and heavens themselves. We merged routinely with the great primordial expansiveness of the non-dual self, and brought forth answers from non-local sources with astounding meaning and clarity.

From this position, we were aware of our imaginations as a living, breathing force for co-creation, embedded within and never separate from the elemental forces of the universe. We weren’t aware of our consciousness simply as some bland watered-down neurochemical soup which lit up and projected lurid picture show imagery onto the movie screen of our biological brain, but as a direct participant in manifesting the very fabric of reality down to the subatomic level, both from within and without. We didn’t need powerful micron telescopes or atom smashers to know this, we intuitively felt this because the atoms of our bodies spoke directly to us of their continued shared willingness to remain united in their expression of our temporal being.

a body of lightself made hologram no less


We made love by firelight under the stars, got high on our own homegrown supply, told stories, sang our own songs, danced our own dances and sculpted our collective consciousness according to the beloved features of our surrounding landscape and star scape. Everything was accorded a most meaningful and sacred place in the scheme of creation without exception, simply by the fact that it existed.

Our lives were implicitly understood as a process of conscious dialogue between ourselves and all other living things. When we wept, we knew that our tears were literally the tears of a million rivers, rains, oceans, streams, lakes and glaciers. Those tears dried in the sun, the sun that shined from within as much as without.

billions tears


Natural disasters were not considered acts of random chaos wrought by a vengeful natural enemy, they were understood very clearly and meaningfully in broader terms, as part of a grand schema of cyclic cosmic processes, and at a more immediate level, the act of all-nurturing, yet powerfully destructive planetary deity reminding us both of our sacred obligations to her and ourselves as a physical expression of her dreaming mind.

In our daily life, we could feel the interplay of the elementary energies of our consciousness expressed symbolically through the archetypes of earth, air, fire and water, weaving through the various subtle energetic meridians and centers in our bodies, knowing with intense presence, that we were spirit beings having a human experience.


In order to ensure the health and subtle energetic balance of the bio-sphere and ourselves, we treated both the ailments of our people and the spaces of the Earth defiled by our greed or violence, with prayers or standing stones. In return, we were frequently offered forewarning of impeding natural catastrophes, the secrets of nature’s bountiful pharmacopeia and other such holistically nourishing evolutionary data.

rock legends


We could feel our way across the landscape via the energetic meridians of the Earth, no matter how the landscape was changed by the convolutions of time and season. We could do this because we were in in direct contact with the energetic architecture of our creation.

Contrary to popular belief, as archaic folk, we really seemed to know what the hell we we’re doing, in some ways even more so than we do now.

And also, contrary to popular belief, we didn’t necessarily have bad teeth either.


to be continued 20


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3 thoughts on “Fire Vs TV (Part 2) Super-normal Primordial You

  1. The one thing you say here that I agree with more than anything else is that our most distant ancestors seemed to have some idea of what they were doing. We have, admittedly, gained a great deal with the progress of scientific advancement. The only problem is that we may never really know how much we lost in the process.

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    • Indeed. So much has been lost, but thankfully there are always groups of super dedicated people in the wings working hard to keep the old ways alive and well. Thank you kindly for your thoughts. Good to hear from you. Warmest regards.

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