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Spring Sprung Fling Flang

Troubled Nature Phase II  by Roshellin, image source: open clipart

Jigging along with the fiddle, oh, Johnny.
Jigging along with the fiddle-dee-dee.
Jigging along with the fiddle, oh, Johnny.
Jigging along with the fiddle-dee-diddle-dee-dee!

Kate Bush ( excerpt from the track Violin)

Ahhhh — WTF all journalese sleeze n’ me bound up wound up WHOA! in lack o’ mojo flow… GACK GACK SLAP! I break this hypnotic gate… bear with me now emerging from cave yawn fauning over the forrest again in tome sweet tomes o’ muses be with me now… GAD-FRIKKIN-ZOOKS!

Springy thingy am I, Suessian fuzzball o’ energy humming w’ synergy’s moment full in and of itself — sooo damn full of itself as I poke at it choke at it am way too stoked by it — already doing exactly what I came here not to do — hawking this monkey mind-riot crud stuck boot scraping — NOW: run, free — fly shush-shushing breeze, crick-crackety knees all kneesy breezy-like Qi gong be ill at ease pleeze just be sensual counterpoint silken pillow-billow breeze listen SHHHHH this mystery broad spaciousness ness-ness echoing back nothing ness-ness ourselves labels miss-spelled stacked neatly w’ volumes of limitations  no something or other deeper-like freer wider back there by that naked tree — me tree sea — this tree by the sea so far from the forest edge like-WOW could have sworn it was there to greet me here naked now before the sea. Was it once like me… a free tree yet petrified by the raw tsunami potential o’ the sea stark bare wood by the sea sandblasted foam-flecked dreaming sunken cities curl down to ground the fruitful reverie “o’ thank you sweet moon by your starkest watchful glare your maternal tidal majesty abounds…”

THRUM-THRUM… the Chinese medicinal pestle slash Japanese rice-cake-pounding-rabbbit slash man-woman in the moon before this desolate coastal expanse is the sound of the surf whumping-grabbling upon the rocks… and I’m all reluctant dropping my gaze casting circle taking roots deeper into the sand salty loam seams of rock rasping abrasive the skin of a hammerhead shark giving me reference to the edge of known-ness-ness pushing off from a landing surface the guiding abyss edge files my nails as I go down…


Okinanwa moon reflection upon the ocean’s relief in pure cold incandescence — the smell of light and me afloat supernormal brings me back to presence I am — the concept me not me — whatever I am, how can I-we be anything other than a concept of our own imagining reflected up upon one another by the living light of the rippling primordial-green… you be me be you see — maybe? He he, LOL, BTW ;))

ARRRRRGH-FAAAARK! BBC rat-stink politicky intolerance-ness no lighten up it’s participation stuff of incarnation just a ride as Bill would say a label a part to play…

I am a hermetic wordmonger, a punk rock vomit on the stage of life, awating comment heavan scent dripping shimmering forrest glade all a-fire in the reflection of an alchemic blades moment too soon-ness latest bland-strife on the rocky outcrop of galactic imagination unformed planetary helter-skelter new born of this art’s life our strife our kindred our sundry our laundry hung upon the tail of a shooting star smeared-grubby… resplendent-like.

Burndt toast with T. fluff on the string of my tatty-hoodie all a-stringent with universes steeping of their own: a cord.


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