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Thoughts on Inter-dimensional Intelligences (Part 1)


A lot of people have been connecting with me in recent weeks seeking clarity on the nature of inter-dimensional intelligences, so this seemed like a good time to whip together a little insight on some of the ones that I have encountered.

It’s hard to put experiences with inter-dimensional intelligences into words. Referring to something like Jungian archetypes is a start, but it only seems to get us so far. In this sense we at least have a paradigm from our side of the veil to relate to such things, because some inter-dimensional intelligences can reflect elements of our psychic condition, but there are others that seem to express a definite independent sense of being and motivation. So if we decide to relate to such intelligences as an extension of our own conciousness reflected in a higher dimensional source that’s fine, because we can at least start to contend with the idea that psychic energy in and of itself is a living, force, capable of expressing it’s own brand of intent.

Human Thought-forms

In Alchemy and a number of other spiritual arts there is recognition of psycho-energetic formations which might be referred to as “thought forms.” They are infused with their own unique brew of intent depending on the conditions of their formation. The really positively polarized ones might be noted as an intuitively cohesive source of energetic inspiration that helps facilitate understanding, compassion, good communication harmony or healing within an individual, group or groups, but the dominantly negative ones can be very problematic for people, because of the suffering and conflict they can cause.

These fields of negatively concentrated psychic energy essentially behave like parasites that lurk around trying to find the energy to keep manifesting themselves. They are formed by individuals or groups who resonate together with repressed emotional trauma or deeply unintegrated aspects of shadow self. The more deeply repressed the trauma, the more concentrated the power of the thought-form becomes.

One of the main strategies of throught-forms is to attach themselves to the most traumatized and energetically weak link in a group by triggering certain sabotaging behaviours, and creating a domino effect in other group members.

In my Shamanic practice, I have been called upon to do space clearings and personal healings to dissolve and remove a number of such intensely negative thought forms. They can often be really tough to remove, some requiring multiple clearings over an extended period of weeks, and in some cases even months. Thankfully the ones I have encountered seem to have a very limited range of capabilities, they just keep very single-mindedly seeking the same kind of power gratification over and over in a vicious feedback loop until the cycle is recognized, broken and then healed.

You can guard your energy field against such thought-forms as long as you stay physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced. For more info on this stay tuned for my upcoming post on, 10 Tips for Psychic Health and Development.

People who do spiritual practices or healing work which generates a lot of extra chi energy, should be especially careful to make sure that they are grounded, balanced and energetically shielded at all times, but especially so, if they are going to be encountering people, groups or spaces where dense negative thought forms are present. In such cases, the amount of energy available to negative thought-forms can be dramatically increased if they somehow manage to find a weakness which they can exploit, and their ability to wreak havoc may be intensified correspondingly.

Negative thought forms will usually disappear if the situations that gave rise to them within an individual or a group are healed and people stop giving them energy. However, they may not always disappear completely, and may lay dormantly embedded in an environment or a human energy field and keep reattaching themselves to other people and events, unless they are properly removed. Because of this, people can inadvertantly stir them back into life if their psychic conditon is resonating with the same kind of dominant negative emotion eg. anger, agression, fear, guilt, hatred, chronic lust or trauma, that caused the thought-form to manifest in the first place. Like the archetypal trickster, the thought-form is always hungry for a chance to cause more chaos and use it to exploit further opportunities for energetic extraction.

Thought forms are sometimes mistaken for ghosts, and while ghosts can be energized by people’s psychic energy, they are fundamentally different, in that they are the projection of an earthbound human soul, which was once incarnated into the body of a living material being, which for various reasons of severe attachment to their earthly values, has not been able to make the proper transition back to source. Whereas human thought-forms have never been incarnate, they exsist as a psycho-energetic by-product of our consciousness and constitute a kind of construct formed on the basis of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs.

Stay tuned for Thoughts on Inter-dimensional Intelligence, Part 2. coming soon…


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13 thoughts on “Thoughts on Inter-dimensional Intelligences (Part 1)

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  3. A very interesting and thorough post with regard to inter dimensional intelligence, and negative thought forms as well… I much enjoyed the reading….
    I wonder which would be an affective way to definitely remove Negative thoughts, considering, as you say that ¨they may lay dormant embedded in an environment or a human energy field¨, even if they seem to have disappeared?….
    All my best wishes! Aquileana ⭐

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, it’s valid on a number of levels. By whatever way we seek to identify them an awareness of theses kind of ancient concepts are useful tools for evolving our conciousness and developing better ways of relating to our environment.


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