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Connecting Spiritually With Ancestors


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Humans are multi-dimensional beings. Like the tip of an iceberg projecting out above the waterline, our physical body can be thought of as representing only the materially directed portion of ourselves residing within a huge energetic spectrum of consciousness that extends from the scientifically measurable range, through to more subtle (non-material) energies. The slice of that spectrum available to direct physical experience is quite small. So small in fact, that if for the sake of visualisation, we were to imagine a kilometre long cross-section of even just the scientifically measurable energetic wavelengths, the portion detectable with our material senses might constitute no more than a couple of centimeters of bandwidth. That’s an incredible amount of room for exploration and rediscovery, even without the added mystery of subtle energies.
With the expansive bulk of our being residing below the dimensional waterline, it may be more accurate to say that we are spirit beings having a human experience. In other words, consciousness pre-exsists it’s expression in material terms and determines the creation of the body. The successful uniting of sperm and egg during conception, opens a channel into the physical dimension which provides an energetic matrix upon which complex biology can then be built. Through this intersection of flesh and spirit, a sense of individual awareness can then be experienced.
After death, the biological vessel of our body is emptied of its individualized consciousness and its data-rich contents are re-absorbed back into non-material spectrums of consciousness according to the vibratory qualities they have attained through the experiential process we know as life. Despite the dissolution of the ego-bound temporal identity (the concept of a permanent self that we associate with our physical presence located in time and space) when we die, collective wisdom gained through our experience of material existence is accumulated within something which could be termed as an, “Ancestral Field.”
We tune most strongly to the ancestral data of those with whom we share the same DNA, (whether living or deceased ) but we can also access the ancestral fields of other more distantly related humans too. Through our ability to engage experientially on the material plane with other living organisms, we are granted an unparalleled amount of free will to contribute to the evolution or devolution of our individual consciousness, and by extension, that of the collective planetary and universal consciousness as a whole. Consistent with the laws of quantum physics, the acausal, non-linear nature of quantum fields allows data within the collective human consciousness to be telepathically available to anyone with the right resonance to connect with it, even if it is far removed in time and space.
The ability of humans to ritually access intelligent guidance from their collective psyche, is posited by some broad-minded scientists as a possible reason for previously unexplainable transmissions of technological knowledge, such as the simultaneous beginning of fire use in many different pre-historic human populations around the planet, despite the fact that they were separated by vast geographical distances.
Scientific experiments once conducted by Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, during one of his Apollo space missions, verifiably demonstrated that telepathic transmissions between himself and gifted psychic subjects back on earth, were not affected by their physical distance from one another at all. If people on Earth can communicate telepathically with humans way out in space, the idea that humans could share kinds of collective ancestral wisdom across vast distances of time and space, appears less far-fetched.
What then of such direct communication between other intelligent beings in other solar systems, or even galaxies? For clues to this, we might look to a number of ancient spiritual traditions, which tell of certain interstellar bodies as the continuing focus of their ancestor worship. The Dogon people of Africa, along with a number of American Indian Tribes, continue to worship the Star Sirius, which they believe literally connects them to their ancestors in that part of the galaxy.
While perhaps we cannot yet answer the question of communication with other intelligences from a distant part of the Milky Way in material terms, we can learn to access data from our Earthly ancestral fields in ways that are highly useful for our personal evolution. Ancestral wisdom can guide and protecting us in our times of need, through our own higher intuitions, memories, dreams, creative inspiration and good fortunes. Where necessary, it can even herald timely warnings, or provide particular life lessons designed to wake us from our ignorance and suffering and into more enlightened states of awareness, in accordance with our chosen path in life. Uncanny insights which just seem to pop into our heads or guide us into contact with fortunate synchronicities can frequently be the influence of inherited higher wisdom working in connection with your own, toward aiding the fruition of your spiritual development, and more broadly that of  society and the human species as a whole.
The best part about having even just this basic awareness is that it could be the first step towards developing and strengthening your connection with ancestral wisdom. We all have the potential to become abundantly aware of such timeless, higher-dimensional information and make powerful use of it in your everyday life. It’s not only limited to the gifted few; it’s a fundamental part of each and every one of us, it has simply withered through lack of acknowledgement. However, the more we develop and experience awareness of our subtle energetic and multi-dimensional nature, the more finely tuned the liquid crystalline antenna of our DNA becomes for receiving and translating it’s higher messages. The natural result of this is more health, harmony and success in life.
Connecting with ancestral wisdom is but one expression of a vast number of inseparable evolutionary tides that raise all boats, because it’s not just our own hearts, minds or bodies that we can heal, but also those of members of our ancestral lines in the past, present and future. This in turn contributes to a healing of the broader architecture of the universal consciousness which energetically supports the basis of physical reality. A reality co-creatively shared and shaped by all humanity and life on Earth.

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