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Classic Edgar Mitchell Quote (The Overview Effect)

A classic quote from astronaut Edgar Mitchell, detailing his experience of what has been dubbed, The Overview Effect.This idea is sublimely illustrative of the the kind of paradigm shift that needs to occur in order to move humanity definitively forward into a more peaceful and sustainable future. It is an idea which we ignore at our own peril.


Photo 2015-04-19 午後1 24 16

Image By NASA / Bill Anders [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Below is the short film, “Overview,” which explores this fascinating phenomena.


3 thoughts on “Classic Edgar Mitchell Quote (The Overview Effect)

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  2. I guess it’s that old problem of perspective. Yes, we’re all one from a distance. But up close, differences are real… or at least, present. Totally agree though that we should try to enhance the larger community. Who knows what future threats might await us. Hostile ETs? We’d better get our act together, asap.

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