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Fractal Mandalas (Interdependence and Atomic Agreement)

 Photo 2015-04-29 午後8 43 10


The story behind the following images…

I was digitally messing around with this picture of a Buddha statue and I. I folded it, twisted it, morphed it, tinted it, and mirrored it, every which way and then some.

Often I push these things too far and end up scrapping the project because it has turned into a great, big mess: such is the price of creative experimentation!

With this project however, the more I pushed, the more intriguing and beautiful it became. It gave me the feeling of having captured something of the literal resonance of the Buddha statue and the way it was interacting with my consciousness at a much deeper level.

After a painstaking process of reduction from about thirty different images, I settled on the four you see below, because I believe they best illustrate the stories that I wanted to tell about the feeling of coming into higher-dimensional resonance with a sacred object, and finding inner / outer coherence through prayer and meditation.

On another level, these works might also be considered a creative exploration of the interdependent nature of self and phenomena, and of some of the basic principals by which atoms communicate their intent and make co-creative agreements about the nature of reality they wish to form.


 Image 1. “Emanation”

Photo 2015-04-28 午後9 11 29

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Image 2. “Synchronicity”

Photo 2015-04-28 午後9 18 49

(click image to enlarge)


 Image 3. “Harmonization”

Photo 2015-04-28 午後9 10 04

(click image to enlarge)


 Image 4. “Coherence”

Photo 2015-04-28 午後9 07 30

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10 thoughts on “Fractal Mandalas (Interdependence and Atomic Agreement)

    • Cheers mate. I would love to get these printed on huge sheets of transparent plastic and stick them over a windows like stained glass. Stained glass mandalas. A beautiful creative fusion of Buddhist and Christian culture. Warmest regards!


  1. Excellent post… I love the mandala called “Emanation” … It makes me think of the self as it opens up to the World… Thus I´d would related with existence and Life…
    Thanks for sharing!!!! 🙂 All the best to you!, Aquileana 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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