Shadow Attack: Instant Karma & a Wake-up Call

For anyone who thinks the spiritual path is only for wishy-washy mung bean scoffing peace-nik types. Think again! The mystical path is nothing less than heavy duty boot camp for the soul. Jessica Davidson details this in fine style in her bloggings and book Addled, Adventures of A Reluctant Mystic.

Jessica Davidson

Awakening is a tricky business. Pre-satori, I believed that if I could see clearly, all my problems would be solved and I’d live happily ever after. My hang-ups and fears would magically dissolve and I would be free. Ha!

It’s a little more complicated than that. To grow on the spiritual path you must become whole, which means embracing the darkness and re-integrating your shadow. I realised this and was diligently cleaning out my dark corners, but I didn’t know what was waiting for me in the darkness.

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4 thoughts on “Shadow Attack: Instant Karma & a Wake-up Call

  1. Spot on, it is not a path taken by choice. It is a calling, a pull from the soul that wishes you to heal and embrace the gifts that you were born with, so that you can share them with others whos soul is also calling. ❤

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