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10 Ways to Improve Your Psychic Abilities

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You don’t have to go through punishing ascetic practices or receive transmission from some all-knowing guru to develop your psychic abilities. Extra sensory awareness is not only limited to a gifted few in society either: it is a human birthright, and a perfectly normal consequence of the multi-dimensional nature of our consciousness.

A number of ancient cultures accepted psychic abilities in this way, and went to great lengths to cultivate and maintain them. They did this because they considered individual psycho-energetic health, the health of their societies, the species, and the planetary eco-system as a whole, as inseparable.

With time and persistence, we can all learn to strengthen and develop our connection to our extra sensory awareness. Here are just a few simple, yet powerful ways you can achieve this.


1. Decalcify your pineal gland. For web references on how to do this, see the Suggested Reading section below.

2. Drink lots of alkaline, distilled and / or fluoride free water. The ability of the DNA liquid crystalline matrix within the body’s cells to communicate, receive, translate and store subtle energetic data from higher dimensional sources, and to make use of the psychic data that it contains, is highly dependent on the quality and amount of water in your body.

3. Bathe regularly. The ancient Egyptians and Essenes for example, considered frequent bathing essential, especially before sleep. Members of these cultures were very aware of the damage that accumulated subtle energetic toxicity can do to our extra sensory condition. They knew that in particular, taking energetic issues such as repressed emotions trapped in the body’s subtle energetic meridians and auric layers, back into the astral realms during sleep, could cause problems to manifest in the experience of the next day’s waking reality. Cleansing the physical body with clean flowing water, especially whilst reciting a mantra or prayer has a powerful effect on clearing a lot of these kinds of blockages.

2. Detox, Detox, Detox. As you cleanse physically, this behavior is mirrored within the subtle energetic fields of the body and naturally reinforces access to the nourishment of higher dimensional energy. This supports a feedback loop which in turn strengthens and purifies the physical body, and increases access to our psychic senses even more. If you purify your subtle energy fields directly through some kind of energy healing modality, the process works exactly the same the other way too, from the subtle to the physical.

3. Regular physical activities that help to harmonize and balance out the distribution of subtle energy within our body are a huge benefit to our psycho-energetic wellbeing. While Qi-gong, Tai Chi, Yoga and Reiki are famous for their ability to do this, other activities that stimulate the intuitive flow of creative physical intelligence, can also be very helpful.

4. Practice some basic Feng Shui. Evaluate the health of your work, social, and family environments to remove influences which limit your psychic development. Growth of extra sensory abilities are inseparably linked with healthy intellectual, emotional, spiritual and ethical development.

5. Reduce EMF exposure. Assess your environment for Electromagnetic Frequency Pollution. EMF pollution comes from numerous sources. Two of the most common, are standing too close to microwave ovens while they are operating, and excessive exposure to broadband radiation. Where it is unavoidable, crystals can strengthen and protect your subtle energy fields from this kind of radiation. Switching off broadband data connections on PCs, I-Pads and smart phones when they are not in use, using LAN cables instead of broadband and/or limiting the number of calls you make on mobile technology can make a huge difference too.

6. Spend time with animals. All animals have refined extra sensory awareness of one sort or another. Whether we like to admit it or not, we are very much members of the animal kingdom, so we can do a great deal to reawaken our dormant psychic awareness by spending time and communicating with them.

7. Carry crystals. Crystals can be used to enhance and work with particular kinds of psychic abilities. Once you develop a close relationship with your crystals, they become an integrated expression of your energetic reality from your DNA, all the way out to the farthest reaches of your auric fields. In exactly the same way as the liquid crystalline structure of your DNA, the crystals you carry, can refine your ability to absorb, store, transmit, translate and receive subtle energy.

9. Synchronising your bio-rythms, by balancing sleeping and waking patterns to fit the solar cycle, is absolutely vital for both physical and psycho-energetic wellbeing. Unhealthy sleeping and waking patterns caused by lack of sunlight from working indoors all day, and then too much artificial light until late into the evening, is a serious health issue in our modern industrial civilization. It reduces the amount of energetically nourishing REM sleep, which can affect the health of the physical glandular system and the subtle energetic centres that correspond to them. This is especially true of the psychic powerhouse of the pineal gland. Over prolonged periods, this can be very detrimental to our metabolism and bio-chemistry. Incoherent bio-rythms have the potential to develop into deep physical, mental, emotional, and subtle energetic dysfunction, which can damage our DNA and severely block our psychic connectedness.

10. Meditating and spending time in darkness. Again, this is related to strengthening, energizing and decalcifying the pineal gland and compensating for excess light saturation in modern industrial societies. It also has the benefit of stimulating naturally occurring Dimethyltriptamine (DMT) in the brain, which in turn, can enhance your ability to access visionary experience and draw in higher dimensional psychic data.


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