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How a Hopi Elder Changed my Life – By JACOB DEVANEY

Amazing insight into Hopi culture, dreaming, the collective consciousness, and our relationship with Mother Earth. Highly recommended reading.

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It is With Good Reason That Some Call Hopi-land in Arizona,
the Tibet of the West

Secluded in the Painted Desert of the Southwest, the Hopi are a private, but kind, indigenous Nation that have preserved one of the most ancient cultures in North America. They are essentially an oral tradition people which means that they have other ways of keeping their history than written words that includes dances, songs, and storytelling. They even have a word, ‘Navoti’, which refers to the information that can only be exchanged through the spoken word, it has to do with the silent space between words, the feelings and gestures that can not be transmitted in the written form. This why I am usually hesitant to write about my experiences with the Hopi (along with a history of cultural appropriation and misunderstanding from anthropologists and spiritual seekers from the ‘New-Age’). So rather…

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