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Alchemy, Egypt and Shamanism

Another wonderful post by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls, with many thanks to

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In alchemy, or the changing of one substance into another, there are seven steps.

1. Calcination – the heating of a substance in a crucible over an open flame until it is reduced to ashes.

In Shamanism we have calcination as the destruction of our ego and our attachments to the physical world. We take the challenges and experiences of life and learn humbleness as we ignite the fire of self introspection and burn away those elements that never worked for us anyway.

The fire of Calcination tunes the body, burns off excesses from overindulgence and creates a lean mean fighting machine. First chakra, Fire, Red.

2. Dissolution – it is the dissolving of the ashes from Calcination in water. In Shamanism is is a further breaking down of the artifical beliefs we have been given or have adopted by…

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