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Earth Grids: The Secret Patterns of Gaia’s Sacred Sites

Highly recommended viewing. This lecture by author, researcher, tour organiser and self-confessed, “Megalithomaniac,” Hugh Newman, is a tour de force on Earth grid phenomena and ancient Earth Mysteries. For more information on Hugh, his speaking tours, or his books, see his website

For other awesome videos like this and more, you can browse by category in my website’s ever-growing archive at the link below. Happy viewing!

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11 thoughts on “Earth Grids: The Secret Patterns of Gaia’s Sacred Sites

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  3. Thanks for telling me about this post on grids lines…. which as you said on your comment on my blog could be related to energy nodes and sacred geometry… I ‘ll make sure to watch the video in depth!… All my best wishes. Aquileana :star

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      • To be honest I don’t, it is just something that I’ve done for years. I.e. see the grid, send healing through it, drawn to certain chakra points to do earth healing. Hoping to get to Peru asap. Been to Sedona, grand canyion, Glastonbury and avebury. I’m not very well read as such, intuition guided mainly.

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        • Thank you for your insightful reply. Returning that energy to the Earth and offering it for the purpose of clearing and healing all life form connected to the grid is an important part of my Shamanic practice too. Like a lot of stuff it just seemed like the right thing to do and later I discovered it has a place in ancient rituals! Much of my shamanic practice has unfolded that way. It’s very self- affirming.

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          • Wonderful and yes it is. It used to blow my mind when I would hear shamanic friends talk about things that I was doing naturally, without training. Lol but it served to reinforce trust with my intuition and self. Keep up the good work, our Mother needs us all. 😊


            • Yes, it’s a wonderful realization, it hints at the timelessness of the wisdom which we connect with. Often it seems to reach out across time and space to find us in a pre-cognitive way. Only later the rational mind connects up the dots. I often have the curious feeling of operating in reverse and already having the answer before the question has been asked. When I look back at my childhood behavior I realized that part of me always knew I was a Shaman even before I did, and was just waiting for me to catch up to myself.

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