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Earth Changes: Gaia, The Fey and Humanity (Part 1)

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In light of the intense upsurge in natural and social disasters in many places around the world in recent years, I find myself considering the importance of making sense of, and helping others to make sense of the bigger picture of Earth Changes.

This planet is currently in the midst of an extraordinarily powerful shift in energetic frequency as it seeks to accelerate it’s rate of evolutionary potential to remain in coherence with broader galactic influences. Part of this process is a profound influx of vast amounts of primordial energy from the center of our galaxy and from within the earth itself, which is necessary to help stimulate such  changes.

The subtle energetic matrices of the planet help to translate these primordial higher source and Earth energies into denser lower frequencies in order to manifest the creative evolutionary will of the planet on the physical plane. Part of this expression includes not only a massive increase in the power and acceleration of the natural life-sustaining, bio-spheric systems of material and chemical upheaval such as those found in tectonic, climatic, biological and ecological processes, but also a monumental shake up in the whole collective human consciousness.

The inseparable nature of our consciousness and that of every single cell in the entire living biosphere, through the resonance of morphic fields, means that as highly sentient and free-willed beings, we make a profound co-creative contribution to the process of manifesting that creative evolutionary potential on Earth for better or worse, based on the choices we make.

Down through the ages, inter-dimensional mediators between humans and the consciousness of the Earth, which in western mythology are more commonly referred to as “Fey,” “The Hidden People,” “The Little People” or the “Wee Folk,” (elementals and nature spirits) have played a vital role in helping humanity come to terms with such changes.

As inter-dimensional beings which resonate on an energetic frequency quite close to ours (the closest out of any of the inter-dimensional species) the Fey possess a significant stake in the processes of material creation. They play a role in guiding, directing, supporting and balancing the elemental substances and cycles of manifestation and dissolution in nature. They do this through their mastery of the sacred geometries of creation in forms such as Fibonacci Spirals, Ley Lines and Earth Grids, which enable them a blueprint through which they can directly communicate and co-creatively work with Earth and universal source energies.

Understandably, the Fey are profoundly distressed by the toxicity and imbalance we are wreaking upon the Earth, for it affects not only the beings that inhabit the material plane of existence, but sends shock-waves out to those that inhabit other frequencies of the subtle energetic spectrum too. We are deeply interconnected with such beings, for they are expressions of the elemental forces of nature and of the universe of which every single atom of our body is also a vital and inseparable part.

At various points in ancient human history when our consciousness was not so bogged down in the material spectrum of reality, humans were more broadly aware of the spiritual techniques for accessing wider dimensions of experience. Under such circumstances we could openly work with beings such as the Fey, in order to co-creatively (holistically) manage our physical and psycho-energetic relationship with the Earth and it’s ecology.

It is no small coincidence that in mythology, the Fey are so frequently depicted in close association to varieties of hallucinogenic plants or engaged in various states of ecstatic revelry. This is illustrative of the Earth’s habit of providing the necessary tools and nature driven inspiration to expand our consciousness more in harmony with the Earth’s systems of living wisdom and evolutionary program as a whole. However as free- willed beings, the choice of whether to avail ourselves of such wisdom and get with the program is entirely our own.

To be continued…

Earth Changes: Gaia, The Fey and Humanity (Part 2)



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