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Earth Changes: Gaia, The Fey, and Humanity (Part 2)

Illustration of Alfred Smedberg’s The Seven wishes in Julbocken, 1907 by John Bauer
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Dear Readers

This is part two of a series. It’s highly recommended that you read them in order. You can find the first part here. The following installments in this series can be found in order at the bottom of each page. Thank you kindly for reading. Warmest regards.




For many ancient cultures, the idea of the Fey as cooperative ecological mediators between man and the Gaianic consciousness was more commonplace. However, the large-scale destruction of techniques for consciousness expansion under the dictates of scientific rationalism and the monotheistic demonization of earth-centric spirituality, have created a catastrophic loss of communication between humans and inter-dimensional beings such as the Fey.

Claims of encounters with Fey are typically written off as the product of an over-active, childish imagination, or as nothing more than the mythological legacy of archaic people who possessed a dim understanding of nature and used them as quaint explanatory devices.

Among the more scientifically credible attempts to relate to this phenomena, is one that characterises the Fey as archetypes embedded within the human collective consciousness. This more enlightened approach, although workable from a Shamanic perspective, still dosen’t go nearly far enough. It remains quite anthropocentric, and may still fall prey to scientific or religious attempts to rationalize the individual self-awareness out of the Fey, by framing them as comfortably dismissable extensions of human psychic qualities.

One common argument is that we don’t see so Fey anymore because we don’t believe in them. Again this view is misleading, especially in light of the great many indigenous traditions around the world, which credit their own versions of the Fey as fully-fledged sentient beings in their own right, with their own full dimensional reality and societies every bit as real ours.

According to Icelandic mythology, the Fey have gone about their roles as primordial Earth caretakers since time immemorial. The inference being that they have always been around, and are not dependent on the psychic energy of our belief in them, it’s simply that we, with our sadly withered sensory ratios, have become unattuned to their presence.

My Shamanic experience of contact with Fey seems to confirm that they do indeed hail from a reality which in terms of their own experience, is every bit as real as our own. Recent developments in quantum physics make more than just a little room for this possibility. How many dimensions are we up to now? At last count, I think it was twelve.

We, as sentient beings express and interact with energy at a certain frequency which creates within us and around us our sense of physical reality. We generally operate within the bandwidth of our ordinary sensory ratios, and what lies outside that, tends to escape our perception. However, there is a vast ecology of other sentient beings which vibrate at other frequencies of the subtle energetic spectrum.

The boundaries between these subtle energetic frequencies are not always rigidly delineated, and can be more porous at certain places on the Earth, allowing energy and beings to interact and move from one side to another. Where such porousness is not present, opportunities can be created for it to occur.


To be continued…


Earth Changes: Gaia, The Fey and Humanity (Part 3)




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    • Yes, the forrest is such an amazing place to meditate. I wish I could get out there much more often. The scenery and the lifestyle in Iceland look sublime. I am keen to visit it one day.


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