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Negative Entities and Their Removal

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A Multi-dimensional Wake Up Call

One of the hardest facts of coming to terms with our multi-dimensional nature, is that we share the subtle energetic ecology of the astral planes with other beings who are not always friendly. Some in fact, can be downright nasty and pathological.

Sorry folks, the astral planes, just like the physical ones, are not always sweetness and light. But rather than putting our heads in the sand, and living in dangerous denial of the shadow — which unfortunately, many spiritual seekers tend to do — let’s look this issue square in the eye, and try to dissolve some of the ignorance and fear which allows such negativity to get a hold of us in the first place.

Chronic denial of shadow, can be an aspect of spiritual addiction. For more, see

Perfectionism and Spiritual Addiction


Negative Entities: What are They?

Note: this is a very basic list of negative entities more commonly identified by Western esoteric traditions. The specifics of such beings and how to deal with them, may differ according to tradition and culture.

Negative entities can include:

Disincarnate beings: the earthbound spirits of people who were once alive on the physical plane, but have been unable to properly pass on and return to source.

Negative discarnate beings: astral beings who have never existed on the physical plane at all.

Negative elemental beings

Human-created negative thought and emotional forms: entities created by concentrated mental and/or emotional energies such as anger, frustration, lust, grief, hatred, fear or guilt. These two are bound together because of the way our emotional responses are so heavily influenced by our beliefs and intellectual tendencies.


What do These Beings Want From Us?

One of the main features of negative entities is that they seek to trick you into thinking that they are a welcome part of your own energy body, soul or psyche. They do this in order to gain your acceptance and permission to keep manipulating you into situations which will give them opportunities to create more havoc and extract more energy.

Does this sound familiar? Have you ever wondered where the idea for vampires came from? Well, it has it’s roots in ancient knowledge of the dangers of negative entities from the astral realms.

One of the principal tenets of the vampire mythology is that you don’t invite one into your home. This is a metaphor which expressed literally, means don’t invite parasitic entities into your bodily energy fields, thoughts, emotions or actions, and by extension into the physical body, where they may eventually cause chronic disease to manifest.


Entity Extraction

The most surefire way to detect and remove negative entities, is to consult a qualified energetic healer operating within a tradition that you feel comfortable with.

Although a number of energetic healing traditions recognize the importance of negative entity extraction, Shamanic healers in particular, are noted for their ability to remove negative entities and keep them away through soul retrieval work.

For more on Shamanic healing practice see, Why Study Shamanism?

The outer protective layers of the body’s subtle energetic system could be compared to those of a biological cell. They provide immunity from destructive forces which seek to invade and manifest more of themselves at the expense of the host.

When pieces of our soul splinter off due to trauma in our present lives, they can punch gaping holes in our energy fields. The role of the body’s subtle energetic layers in translating higher-dimensional frequencies of energy into our experience of the physical plane, means that when they are damaged, our ability to engage with our reality in a healthy and balanced manner becomes seriously impaired.

This vulnerability can be exploited by negative entities, which seek to deepen and widen existing breaches in the Auric layers to increase their access to energetic nourishment.


Past Life and Ancestral Karma

We can also be born with pre-existing weaknesses or holes in our Auric layers, due to the effect of past life and/or ancestral karma. Such weaknesses can make it easier for negative entities to invade and make food and lodgings for themselves in the void left by the missing piece of soul.

A good healer can not only remove and banish such entities, but is someone who will positively empower you with knowledge and confidence to work through the lifestyle, emotional, Karmic / ancestral issues that may be making you more susceptible to negative entity intrusion.

Depending on the kind of entity, it may take an energy healer one, a few, or even several or more visits to remove. Some are easy and can be picked off in a session, like leeches. At the other extreme, there are more resourceful and pathologically determined entities, which create the need for a much more prolonged and challenging treatment regime.

In any case, it is absolutely crucial that people cooperate very closely with their energy healer to make the necessary changes to banish negative entities and make it very difficult for them to return.


Ways to Protect Yourself

The best cure is prevention. There are a number of things we can do to prevent negative entities from attaching themselves in the first place.

Make positive lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, alcohol and/or drug abuse. These kinds of behaviours weaken and eventually create holes in your energy field. As any energy healer who has worked on the field of a drug or alcohol addict will tell you, their aura looks like Swiss Cheese.

Reevaluating your social, work, or family life to reduce exposure to environments or people who may be full of negative entities. Sometimes being in such situations is unavoidable, but if you have been in this kind environment, it is good to remember to cleanse your energy field. Negative entities are much easier to remove when they have only been attached for short time.

Reduce exposure to persistently stressful, dirty, disorganized, toxic, violent, abusive or trauma-saturated environments. These can severely damage our energy fields and increase susceptibility to negative entities.

such places might include:

certain pubs and clubs

certain kinds of crowds

mental institutions, hospitals, jails

accident sites


Not surprisingly, graveyards are a haven for wandering earthbound spirits looking for a ride and a feed. The intense negative emotions (guilt, anger, fear, hatred etc.) held by some people when they die, causes their earthbound spirits to seek out and attach themselves to the energy fields of people with similar qualities. If they can’t manage this directly, they will hitch a ride on any passerby to get closer to and attach themselves to others who most strongly express the same dominant negative emotional patterns.

Sacred symbols or programmed crystals placed on your person or in living or work areas, can be a strong source of protection from negative entity intrusion.

Smudge your energy field and living spaces. This does not get rid of entities, but it can reduce other negative energy in the environment to which they might be attracted. This makes it much harder for them to get the upper hand. Herbal smudging after any arguments, violence or accidents, is a particularly good idea.

For more on negative thought-forms see, Thoughts on inter-dimensional Intelligence Part 1

A pre-disposition to certain kinds of negative emotional states can make you much more susceptible to the manipulations of mental and emotional thought-forms. Ensuring that you are grounded physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, is a powerful way to resist negative entity intrusion.

For more on spiritual balance see, 10 Ways to Improve Your Psychic Abilities


The Responsibilities of Occult Practitioners: Subtle Energetic Hygiene

Those involved in any kind of occult practice as part of their spiritual development such as spell work, or Kundalini raising, have a responsibility to protect themselves against intrusion from negative entities.

       Yes, dedicated Yoga and Tai Chi practitioners this also means you!! 

Occult practitioners are prized targets for intrusion from negative entities for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because spiritually developing people cultivate increased amounts of spiritual energy within their fields on which negative entities can feed and more effectively manifest their will. Secondly, negative entities have a vested interest in waylaying people who are trying to develop spiritually because holistically happy, healthy, well-balanced and sane people, basically means less food.



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18 thoughts on “Negative Entities and Their Removal

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    • Thank you so much for the reblog. Yes, you have to remain vigilant. Some places can be very toxic. Material realities can make this unavoidable. It’s a learning curve through. Toxic, problematic, people have unwittingly taught me more about energy work and emotional healing than any gurus I have ever met or studied.


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  6. Very well written Lee. I have worked with psychopomp and extractions for around 16 years now, before I even knew it was called psychopomp lol
    If I may I would add to the prevention part. Once the space has been cleared and smudged, create a protective sheild/bubble around the house/space, fill the place with laughter (watch comedy movies etc) to replace the gap in energy with your own. Blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I think sincere prayer can help too… along with some kind of sacred ritual that helps to focus on and invoke the holy… Myself, i’m getting suspicious of spiritual “middle men” or “middle women,” mostly because nobody’s perfect… and we can pick up on their negative stuff (along with whatever positive we get from interacting with them)… Not to say that we shouldn’t dance with others. But from my experience, it’s always an exchange of stuff… so i, myself, wouldn’t pay someone for healing… i think it should be done freely… and we make our living just by being normal people… (my two bits on the topic…). thanks for bringing up this and other interesting issues. and also for enabling reblogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    • No worries mate. Yes, I agree. Empowering people is the name of the game. If people can protect themselves through very practical ways on their own, all the better! Thanks for stopping by. Always great to hear from you. Cheers for the reblog. Your support is much appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Hi Lee. Very thoughtfull essay. i had that one in my mind for quite some time, but for reasons of personal nature, i don’t feel at ease in sharing these kind of stuff to the readers. You mentioned all the stuff. This issue goes quite deep. Note that negative entities always entry oneself due to that person not being properly armoured in the psyche or body or spirit or mind or sex – one of the layers… If you are not armoured and properly developed in the psyche this is the key entry point for the entity. For instance – negative personal stories and such that basically connect you with the kind of scenario that will bring you again and again into the same stuff and same energies. Then of course there are classes of beings or entities of completely occult nature, not having to do with individual persona, but the astral region one enters voluntarily or involuntarily. Many people doing drugs can enter into such a region not knowingly. It is a deep issue. Basically what helps in the essence is getting yourself grounded – then calmly intending that these energies disconnect to you and enter the pure regions of dharma – pure light of bliss (that is how tibetan buddhists do it, and by that they free these entities themselves of the circle of karma….) There is the other way, releasing entities into the earth etc. or by smudging sage, by doing a mantra repetition, by prayer, by fasting and voluntarily taking a retreat of some kind – from people, sex, intoxicants, food, etc. Many ways, many practices, many teachings. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Interesting thoughts. I continue to wonder about the Karmic aspect encounters with entities. Because I have been put through hell on occasions, but because of my spiritual practices managed to transmute the energy. My feelings are still divided on the matter, some teachings or particular teachers, say show no mercy to these beings, just vanquish without remorse. (Shamanic) Others say there is an opportunity to communicate and help the being become aware of it’s darkness and engage it in a process of rehabilitation. (New age, or Christian Gnostic) I’m not advanced enough in my practice yet to know the difference. But I can see there is validity in both approaches. Because your adversaries tend to teach you just as much about your soul’s evolutionary process as your allies do. Much food for reflection here. Thank you as always for your time and inspiration. Great to hear from you. Warmest regards!

      Liked by 1 person

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