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The Global Village

When Marshall McLuhan first used the phrase “The Global Village” back in the early 1960s it was both a revolutionary concept and an ideal that was at once utopian and dystopian. McLuhan laid bare for us the dramatic consequences of our digital communications technologies, which have not just compressed time and space (that honour belongs […]


6 thoughts on “The Global Village

  1. Have to admit that although I read the Canadian media guru I never really could figure out what he meant by hot and cool media… I remember rereading that. Seemed not terribly rigorous. But then again, I guess he was a big picture guy. Certainly he coined a wonderful and lasting phrase.

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  3. I think open source software and CC information might counteract, to some degree anyhow, the growing monolithic nature of the web… (or maybe “oligarchical” would be a better term).

    Grassroots sites like yours and mine are a must, imho! 🙂

    Thanks for all the comments. I’ve been bz but your are never far from my thoughts and prayers.


    Mike C.

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