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Earth Changes: Gaia, The Fey and Humanity (Part 3)

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Dear Readers

This is part three of a series. It’s highly recommended that you read them in order. You can find the first part here. The following installments in this series can be found in order at the bottom of each page. Thank you kindly for reading. Warmest regards.


According to the ancient teachings of Alchemy, elemental spirits such as the Fey, have a primary role in the management of elemental processes within the cycles of nature. So it’s relevant to note that there are different atomic states, which in modern physics can be held as analogus to the ancient Alchemical (elemental) interactions of earth, air, fire, water.

Physics / Alchemy Correspondences

Earth = solid states

The densely-packed, slower moving particles, which give rise to the forms and appearance of solid matter. (rocks, wood, metal, ice etc.)

Air = gaseous states

Spacious and freely moving particles such as oxygen, helium, steam, nitrogen etc. that will diffuse unless contained by some other force.

Fire = plasma states

Similar to gas, but so highly-energized that they split off into smaller pieces and are able to generate intense electric currents and magnetic fields (e.g. lightning, The Solar Wind, flourescent lights etc.)

Water = liquid states

Where the atoms are closely bonded together but can move very freely around one another, which allows the particles to take the shape of whatever it is contained by (eg. water, mercury, molten lava)

Some modern interpretations of the Fey, equate them with a sense of high mastery over the technology of Quantum fields, and how they relate to Earthly manifestation.

This opens up exciting possibilities for the evolution of human technology and consciousness, if and when, we are able to prove ourselves as ethically responsible enough.

Developing Empathy For the Fey

My own personal interactions with Fey during my Shamanic journeying, have led me to empathize with their sense of reluctance, and even in some cases downright hostility towards humans.

The defensiveness and trickery for which the Fey have been characterized in folklore, is principally due to a habit of weariness on their part at the arrogance, cruelty and escalating rapaciousness which has been the hallmark of humanity’s relationship with the nature over more recent millenia.

Middle World Diplomacy: Much Work to Be Done

In my Shamanic experience, the Fey have the ability to communicate through the common psyhic turf of the middle world. As masters of the Quantum reality, they can skillfully project into this dimension, whatever energetic variations of themselves, either fair or foul, that they may wish to present.

We are also able to do this within the psychic space, but we have considerably less concious control over of it than the Fey. As we enter into this middle world, for better or worse we resonate with the naked archetypal colour of our intent and emotions which the Fey can read like a book and reflect back at us.

Fey Social Roles and Personality

Interactions with the Fey may also be characterized by the individual personalities or social roles of the Fey whom you encounter. Like any fully-fledged society, the Fey Realms are inhabited by members who fulfill certain social archetypes such as artists, priestly classes, wisdom keepers, healers, warriors, physicists and others whose activities we have no reference point for, because we simply have not achieved the level of technological advancement necessary to fully comprehend them.

In my experience as a Shaman, I have most commonly come into contact with the healers, wisdom keepers, and scientists of their kind, which should come as no surprise, seeing that Shamans in modern human society often find themselves involved in one way or another with these kinds of fields. Birds of a feather flock (resonate) together. This is as true within the inter-dimensional ecology as it is for social correspondences on the physical plane. As above so below.

A Valuable Lesson

Some contact with the Fey can be unpleasant or even downright disturbing. Very early on in my Shamanic practice, an encounter with one particularly nasty Fey had me terrified and sleepless for nights on end by being pinched pulled, poked and having awful phantasms projected at me during my semiconscious states.


My mistake was in courting an encounter with Fey, but not being adequately grounded and sovereign in my subtle energetic constitution to guard myself properly should such an encounter turn out to be a deceptive intrusion by a malevolent Fey or other shape-shifting beings, which can disguise themselves as Fey.

For more on the dangers of harassment from negative astral beings see

Negative Entities and Their Removal

The encounter also reinforced the importance of maintaining a proper elemental balance and strength in my body (both physical and subtle energetic) to eliminate the potential of attracting malevolent influences whilst journeying. We attract whatever vibrations we put out. This is as true of the lower astral realm as it is of the physical one. The principles are one and the same. As above, So below.

For information on subtle energetic cleansing see

Ten Ways to Improve Your Psychic Abilities

It was not this being’s intent to help me in the slightest, but to steal energy. However, in the end it turned out to be a good thing. I was very quickly motivated to learn how to better reinforce my energetic field and  project a powerful protective thought-form to send these kinds of  nasty characters packing.

A benevolent fey will respect the sovereignty of your energetic space and will ask permission before interacting. Those of malevolent intent will often try to gain access by disguising themselves as something else familiar to you in order to trick you into giving permission.

A trick that I since discovered from one of my Shamanic mentors, which can help protect you from deceptions by nasty astral beings, is to make three requests for it to remove its mask or masks. (layers of energetic camouflage) There is an energetic contract that operates on the astral planes which binds beings to remove any disguise and show their true identity after three requests. This should always be used with any astral being, even if it appears familiar to you. This is a mark of good faith in inter-dimensional diplomacy, the subtle energetic equivalent of an olive branch.

Thankfully, many Fey are desiring of shared participation and value our personal thoughts, feelings and opinions, consensually given. And it’s not always just the scientific types who possess a deep affinity with the workings of human life on the physical plane.

Wake and Shake

I have also had some amazing experiences with a group of Fey healers and wisdom keepers who had a genuine compassion for helping me to break out of a deeply embedded psycho-energetic trauma that was blocking my channels to higher dimensional communication.

This happened initially in what I like to refer to as a, “Shake and Wake Program,” something which has been happening to a great many humans around the world as part of the speeding up of the Global Ascension process. It was a form of tough love psychic shock, in order to help definitively break up and dissolve old patterns of consciousness that were holding back my spiritual development. It was more reflective of my lack of spiritual development than of any malevolence on the part of these particular Fey.

When this had been achieved, they appeared numerous more times in a very calming and benevolent capacity in the form of these short, pugnacious dark-skinned, hooded beings, identifiable from Celtic mythology as Brownies. This difference in the experience is highly illustrative of how the presence or lack of subtle energetic toxicity in the form of deep trauma, anger, fear or guilt can characterise the quality of our inter-dimensional interactions.

In one case, six of these healer types surrounded me one night as I was dozing off on the lounge-room floor. They began to apply accupressure on certain meridian pressure points on my feet, ankles and back in order to heal my kidney and adrenals. The most important thing was that they identified themselves, sought permission and kept me informed of what they were doing during the whole process.

 to be continued…

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