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Tibetan Singing Bowls (Way of the Bowl)

  800px-Singing_bowl_samye_lingA singing bowl in Samye Ling a Buddhist center in Scotland
Image source: Wikimedia Commons


As a follow up to one of my previous posts on a general history of Sacred Sound Science, I decided to write about one of the most popular and beloved sound healing tools around.

Strictly speaking, the Tibetan Singing Bowl is not actually an instrument. It’s more accurate to describe it as form of “spiritual technology,” used both for healing and sacred ceremonies, as opposed to being a kind of folk instrument for which it is more commonly identified in the west. Worldwide, its tones are making their way into the soundscapes of various forms of live and recorded music and performance art and creative projects ranging from TV advertising through to smart phone lifestyle applications. These bowls are appearing with increasing frequency as a stylish accompaniment to Asian interior decorative motifs, with the added bonus of being a functional source of relaxation and meditation for household occupants.

Singing bowls have a complex range of audible and tangible tones, which vary in pitch and intensity depending on the style, how they are played (whether they are struck or stroked and with what type and size wand) and what metal they are made from. Regular commercially available bowls are generally made of cheaper alloys such as bronze, but rarer more authentic ones may be made of metals such as copper, tin, zinc, iron, nikel, antimony, silver or even gold.  Some may even consist of up to twelve metals. In some highly-prized singing bowl sets, correspondence between tone, size, and construction materials is believed relative to the relationships between certain astral bodies, such as those of our solar system or particular stars. For this reason, such bowls are considered especially powerful if they are used on occasions when such astral bodies are at their greatest influence in relation to Earth.


Picsingingbowls Antique Himalayan Singing Bowls
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


In addition to their clearly audible and tangible aspects, the bowls have an underlying quality which makes them uniquely suited to the opening up of inner-space and reconnecting people with what is termed as “primordial consciousness.” This is the aspect of oneself that resonates directly with the healing energy and wisdom that is the source of all creation and which constitutes the most ultimate source of our being.

The sound of the singing bowl in the Bon Shamanic tradition from which it originated, is considered to be the “sound of the void.” Accordingly the oldest, most valuable and highly sought after bowls (in healing terms) are those from Tibet, which are considered to have richly embedded phychic qualities that resonate with teachings about the Bon Buddhist concept of “broadness” (realization of the expansive and all-encompassing nature of consciousness) and “emptiness” (the inherently insubstantial nature of all phenomena.) Bowls are made more or less potent depending on the quality and source of the metal from which the bowl is made, the authenticity of the ancestral linage of the craftsmanship, and the amount of ceremonial potentisation  (accumulation of prayer energy) which any given bowl has been charged with. Some bowls are also made at cosmologically significant times to increase the level of potentisation, such as full moon.

They vibrate at a rate of anywhere from 8 to 12 Hertz, consistent with the range of alpha waves in the human brain: a state similar to deep concentration. Different bowls are designed for different purposes. According to world renowned singing bowl expert Frank Perry, there are no less than, “forty-five different shapes of bowl producing a wide range of psycho-acoustic effects,” both for the purposes of healing and spiritual unfoldment. 


Medita_PoA_2014-10-25_06A singing bowl being used for group attunement and meditation
Image source: Wikimedia Commons


Tibetan Singing Bowls: Scientifically Measured Physical Benefits


Restoration of healthy blood pressure

Asthma correction

Supports rebuilding of adrenal function

Stimulates immune system

Improves sleep patterns

Reduces muscle tension

Increases circulation and endorphin production

Strengthens cognitive abilities

Enhances capacity for emotional intelligence and balance

Supports treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Increases mental and physical endurance and productivity


Subtle Energetic Effects


Induction of Shamanic trance states

Group attunement (synchronizing the intent of people before they work together)

Space clearing, (removing negative energies from living, work, or outdoor spaces)

Clearing, tuning and balancing of subtle energetic centers, auras and meridians

Meditation aid

Stimulation of psychic abilities


for more on the above, see my post 10 Ways to Improve Your Psychic Abilities


Cleansing objects for healing, divination, ceremonial and protective purposes (e.g. crystals, rune tablets, herbal medicines, amulets etc.)

Enhancement of capacity for lucid dreaming

Increases ecological intelligence


Other Uses


Ululation bowls which are held close to the mouth and respond to the utterances of the user, are used by musicians

Classroom management for teaching

And many, many more depending on the imagination and intent of the user..



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    • Yeah. Get into it mate! They serve you well on a day to day basis. Clearing the bad mojo before you eat, when you enter the house, after an argument, etc. Or if you just feel the inclination to just pick it up and give it ting to clear your head or relaxation after a hard days yakka! Happy bowling my friend.

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    • Hi Maria, thanks for the read. Yeah the bowls are brilliant. I’ve got three. But I’m saving to get a full set for when I add sound therapy to my Shamanic practice. I’ve been focused on musical projects recently so blogland hasn’t had a look in unfortunately. Thank you, it’s nice to know that I’ve been missed! Warmest wishes.

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