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Earth Changes: Gaia, The Fey, and Humanity (Part 4)

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This is part 4 of a series. Here is Part 1


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The role that is of most concern to us humans right now, with regards to interdimensional beings like the Fey, is the role that they play in helping to challenge and break up of old patterns of conciousness about the nature of our reality. Out of all the interdimensional beings, the Fey resonate closest to us in terms of energetic frequency, and for this reason they are charged with the role of shake and wake on behalf of the Gaianic conciousness more broadly.

The large scale loss of traditions and techniques of higher-dimensional knowledge seeking, means that the Earth seeks to avail itself of whatever opportunities it can to breakdown the perceptual barriers which are interfering with our evolutionary progress, particularly the illusion of separateness from our environment, each other, the planet, the galaxy and universal energetic ecology. Yes, we have an important role to play as an expression Earth’s co-creative conciousnes, but we must remember that it’s a process that deeply involves every other single living thing on the entire planet.

The raising of energy levels that occur due to the Earth’s transition into more energetically dense parts of the galaxy, has become a catalyst for the raising of our own consciousness and the enhancement of our DNA. This is not some random chaotic event but a cyclically reoccurring part of the natural workings of the consciousness of the universal ecology of which we are an expression. This energy raise supports a disintegration of old forms of consciousness, culture, ways of doing, being and thinking at a much more accelerated rate and stimulates evolution at all levels of being, firstly within the unmanifested potential of the Earth’s consciousness, and then subsequently within the expression of physical events upon the Earth. As we are readily discovering in these chaotic times this process of transformation is no easy ride.

From the woefully disconnected and anthropocentric perspective of many humans, the increased intensity in natural and social disasters that accompany this planetary evolution may seem like a form of senseless chaos and cause for regard of nature as an enemy, but from a broader ecological perspective, we see that like any living system, the Earth has processes which keep it balanced and functioning as a sustainable platform upon which to express it’s creative evolutionary will on the physical plane. To do otherwise, would constitute an act of suicide on the part of the planet, because it’s sustainability as a whole is more important than the interests of any one lifeform upon it, and that most resoundingly includes us. In the absence of a sustainable ecology no incarnate biological life would be possible at all.

We could sit around whinging misguidedly, mired in our sense of inflated anthropocentric importance, or we can avail ourselves of the primordial wisdom of Gaia’s evolutionary program by integrating and working with the wisdom of these Earth changes. This way they can become a powerfully motivating form of tough love, a raising of the stakes that we can choose to make use of in order to nurture our fuller evolutionary potential. One of the many ways we can do this is by co-creatively working with interdimensional beings such as the Fey, who as powerful mediators of the Earth’s creative will, can be some of our greatest allies.

Another of the ways we can do this is by balancing out our dominant anthropocentric values in light of deeper ecological inspiration and creative integration. Providing such creative ecological inspiration (energy) to lifeforms, is one of the primary responsibilities of the Fey, which they assumed by virtue of their position as the first manifested primordial sentinence to have developed upon the Earth. Having long since transcended their physical forms, they operate from the non-material plane, and while they do have a supportive influence, contrary to some beliefs they are not omnipotent, they need cooperation from sentient life on the physical plane also to do their work.

While they can do much to reach out to us from their side of the dimensional veil, there is only so much they can do. Like us, they have their limitations (albeit of a very different nature) but through the development of deeper forms of ecological cooperation and integration, both at the biological and interdimensional levels, we can become empowered to transcend our limitations from both sides of the dimensional veil for the sake of our beloved mother Earth.

As technologically advanced, highly-sentinet beings on the physical planes, we should now assume the lion’s share of responsibility for fixing our human-created ecological disasters, but it’s up to us to make the choices to do so. Such is the primary lesson of being incarnate in a free will universe, we have the choice to evolve or not evolve. The Earth and the universe will not take responsibility for the evolution of our conciousness, it would not make sense for it to do so, it simply provides the ladder (the obstacles and lessons) upon which we may climb, but the choice and responsibility to grasp the rungs and pull ourselves up is entirely up to us.

Learning to climb this ladder is the central goal of ancient spiritual traditions such as Quabbala, Yoga, Buddhism, Shamanism and a great many others. These traditions also make explicit references to the unlocking of what are best known in the Vedic Indian yogic traditions as lingams (knots.) These are safeguards which the universal energetic ecology has in place to restrict the amount of energy available to individuals based on their level of spiritual ethical, moral and ecological development, this is also true of the species as a whole. They Fey have the potential to become some of our most valuable co-creative interdimensional allies in working through these obstacles.

To be continued…


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