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The Theatre of Life

Source: OpenClipart

This is Otto, from the movie: Airplane! The plane’s autopilot, a large inflatable pilot doll (listed as “Otto” in the end credits.) An appropriate metaphor for the way many people go through life.

When your end credits come up, are you happy to be listed as just another inflated caricature full of hot air, who was never really in control?


Not so long ago, in a phallacy not so far away…



For many, life is little more than a hot grope in the dim movie theatre of mundane waking consciousness; a brief chuckle in the midst of a cosmic comedy routine; a deep materialistic snooze in surround sound. Many are woken at the end of this film by an irate, but nonetheless angelic cleaning lady, vacuuming the stale popcorn of unlived potential from beneath their feet, and an overbearing manager with a name tag that says death, who asks them to promptly leave the theatre. But thankfully these days, a great many more people are becoming wide awake in the midst of this poorly scripted feature that now passes for life, are picking holes in the plot, and screaming for thier money back.

 Photo 2015-03-04 午後4 58 10

May the farce not be with you.





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7 thoughts on “The Theatre of Life

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    • Your welcome. I love the manager with the name tag that says death. It has a very Monty Python feeling to it. In my imagination John Cleese would play the part of the manager and Eric Idle in drag as a cheap old tart of a cleaning lady with awful make up and tacky wings.

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