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Social Satyr

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Wanted Ads

Big Guns For You: Former senior British minister feeling lusty for new arms dealings. My last relationship bombed out in the Syrian Desert. Could you be my next little dictator?

Bad Joke Seeks Punch line: Must be a stand up guy. Love for one liners a must. No hecklers.

Lock and Load: One lusty patriotic lass seeks a go-hung G.I. Must have a good sense of Hummer.

Philosopher: Seeks abstract conception of a lover for long periods of intense theoretical contemplation on the futility of matching reality to an unattainable ideal of classic romantic perfection.

ET Home Alone: Tired of long distance relationships and meaningless one night encounters of the Fourth Kind. Looking for 7 F and 3 M humans to begin a breeding program on my home world. Willingness to indulge your kinky experimental side a must.


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Q: How many Buddhists does it take to change a light-bulb?  A: None. They just sit below the broken light and meditate on the impermanence of illumination.

The boxer as philosopher: Did I punch him in the head, or did he head-butt my fist? Repeatedly?

The goldfish as philosopher: I eat therefore I am. I shit therefore I am. I eat shit therefore I am.

The atom as philosopher: I seek to prove that theoretical physicists do actually exsist.

The Alchoholic as philosopher: Ssssssss important to consider the inherent emptiness of all thingssss. Shhheeeee thissh here bottle.


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Irony:  People shooting each other over thanksgiving bargain sale items.

Paradox:  someone having to own a gun to defend themselves from someone else’s freedom to defend themselves from other people owning guns.

Well-adjusted: What you become when you don`t get around to doing anything meaningful with your life.

Paranoid:  What you become when you still haven’t managed to find anything meaningful to do with your life.

Mass-suicide:  global big business as usual.

Information paralysis:  getting hit by a car as you are crossing the street, because you are using your smartphone internet connection to look up the safest way to cross the street.

Natural disasters:  Mother Nature`s way of saying, “step the fuck back champ!”


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