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Dear Readers, the following is a mini-anthology of favourite quotes, ideas and musings taken from my numerous diarys, notebooks and blog posts over the last several years. I hope you find them inspirational. Warmest regards!



If we spent our energy finding power within, instead of fighting power without, we would have already created the kind of world we want.

Arise, don’t just criticize

It all about now: what we do in this moment literally changes everything.



To say that a human is behaving like and animal is an insult to animals.



Elections: the sound of one legged men kicking themselves repeatedly in the arse.



A diamond in the dark impreses no one. Only when we see the brilliance in others is it reflected in ourselves.

We are all things. We are the cage, we are the key to the cage, and the freedom that lies beyond.



It’s not about where you are from, but where you are. I am this I am that, I am one of those: pointless. If we must identify, let it be known only that we are here together in this moment and we are human. That is enough.



Why Bother to sweep the leaves. Sit quietly and let the wind do its work.



We are but a fart in the wind; a pee in the ocean, a fleeting self-scripted punchline in a cosmic comedy routine about bodily functions.


Pope’s Answering Machine

“Sorry can’t answer your call right now, I’m busy getting my monotheistic arse kicked by an angry, black lesbian mushroom- weilding Earth goddess. Please leave your prayers for sacred feminine / masculine harmony after the beep.”



There is no such things as boredom; only laziness of mind.



Everything that you could ever imagine, and nothing that you can’t.

We are notes struck upon a cosmic harp.



The only people worth having in power are the ones who aren`t interested in it.



There is nothing more hostile to freedom than the illusion of it.

What does it say about human notions of freedom, that so many of its greatest odes have been written from the inside of a jail cell?

If you don’t think freely, your brain cells will become your jail cell.

“Freedom of Choice.” What about the freedom not to choose?



If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, if I had a dollar.

Golden handcuffs are handcuffs no less.



Every seven years, every cell in your body is replaced. What makes you, you? Clearly you are not just your body.

Of all the inter-dimensional possibilities in all of several universes, it had to materialise into mine.



As the architect of your life, why waste time and energy cursing a crumbling façade when you can simply build anew.

People stuck in the past are doomed to repeat it. People who fear for the future are bound to meet it. Those who live in the moment are sure to enjoy it.

If no one’s smiling at you, check your own reflection. People are mirrors.

Don’t blame it on the rain. Blame it on your brain.



As the voice of divine inspiration, you are both the singer and the song.

Life is music; your heart is an instrument. With love you can hear your place in the universe’s symphony.

Fate is only one of two hands dealt to you by life. The other is all your own.

Be yourself, no one else can be yourself.

Don’t worry about being the best. Just concern yourself with being the only.


Mind Control

No one can hypnotize you without your permission.


P ropagandized
U nrealism
B rainwashes
L azy
I gnorant
C onsumers

R ealize
E very line
L eaves
T angible
I ndication
O f
N eat
S anitization



Creativity is the fruit of the soul, feeling is its seed; emotion the raw nutrient which is transformed into growth upon the branches of our being.

The act of living is an expression of creativity. Life is art, expression is freedom. Use it or lose it.

There is a strong correlation between the decline of a civilization and its inability to respond creatively to its environment.



Which came first, the diagnosis or the disease?

The Swine Flu? South for the winter.



From Tiananmen to Tharir: its still hip to be square.

Cultural homogeneity is social suicide.

God shave the Queen. She`s got a lot of heirs.

Obama’s beating about the Bush again.



Acid, acid, acid. I said son, I keep my brain cells numbered for just such an occasion.


Even evil idiots have their place in the scheme, even if only to teach us how not to be.



As you believe, so shall you perceive.



A wise man once said: “one who is half-arsed about spiritual progress end up walking in circles.”



Laughter is the best medicine. It is no small coincidence that all the most important medicinal plants are the ones that induce fits of hysterical joy



People too often confuse spirituality with religion. Blindly following various social customs or rituals is not spirituality. True spirituality needs no church, altar or even a guru; it is the direct experience of ones own relationship with divinity through a profound process of self-realization.

We are all ordinary miracles.


Life and Death

L inguistically
I nferred
F inite
E xsistence

D eep
E mergence
A fter
T he
H aiatus



People have an urge to belong to this or that, in order to feel whole, or to feel like they have value or meaning in their lives. Yet the very fact of our existence is belonging enough. When one realizes the nature of their relationship to the universe, they come to know the unshakeable joy of directly belonging to and participating in all of creation all the time .



The world is made of words. Language is consciousness. By changing the linguistic terms which we use to describe our reality, we can change it.



We are born enlightened. Ignorance is learned.



Your consciousness is an expression of nature. Your nature is an expression of consciousness

Natural disasters: Mother Nature`s way of saying, “step the fuck back champ!”

We are notes struck upon a cosmic harp.


Spirit and Matter

We have become blind to the link between spirit and matter in a way incomprehensible even to pre-historic humans.


Hearer and Sound

In Zen, it is said that there is no separation between the hearer and the sound. By extension, it can be said that there is also no separation between the smeller and the fart. This means, the modern way of avoiding responsibility for an unsociable lapse in bodily function holds true, even under the test of deep ancient wisdom: the one who smelt it, dealt it.


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Much better it is for the mind to be full of emptiness, than to be empty of fullness.



To grasp is to lose to lose is to grasp.

Peace on Earth. Not a piece of Earth.



The first humans in deep space should have bumper stickers saying: “we’re the species your scientists warned you about.”



Given that the human mind has the power to directly alter the material fabric of reality with the power of thought and imagination; to not have faith in yourself is to deny the integrity of your ability to shape your own existence at the atomic level.



Let’s not kid ourselves. Currently, as a species we are not the most advanced we have ever been.

We approach our sense of reality and relationship with nature in a way that would have seemed barbarous even to prehistoric humans.



In nature, even predator and prey retain an implicit agreement between each other in order to ensure the continued survival of both. Nature’s law is one of cooperation.



U.F.O: You Figure it Out



Kindness + time + patience = joy



T his
E ver present
L unacy
E vokes
V ivid
I nsecurity
S ervices
I ntellectual
O bliteration
N ationally


TV goes on. Brain Goes off.


Inner Peace

Inner peace is like the set of car keys that turn up in your pocket. When you find them you realize that they have been with you the whole time. But you couldn’t see them because you were looking everywhere else.



To grasp is to lose. To lose is to grasp.


Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the fittest, is the mantra of those who are who are intoxicated by the lies necessary to guiltlessly place their boot upon the neck of others in order to achieve their goals. Such people are like alcoholics forcing everyone else around them to get drunk so that they can feel that such behavior is perfectly normal.


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  4. This is a rich collection of wisdom, truly … a good resource-tool for reorienting, when we need to (and in this world, at this time, we often need to … at least that’s what I notice!). Thanks for sharing it. 🙂 ~ Jamie


    • Thank you kindly. Individually just a bunch of random muse, but together they express a sense of power through unity, (a persistent theme for me of late) despite their differences.Which is definitely what the world needs more of. So I hope people get a sense of that, that all this beautiful altruism (and by extension that which exsists in the world at large) has a deep underlying unity of purpose despite whatever egoic identifications we may hold towards our beliefs.


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