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Zen Koan: Beans


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One junior Zen monk is boasting to another, “I’m so Zen, that I’ve become less than a figment of my own imagination.”

“Oh yeah, well I’m so Zen I’m not even Zen at all,” the other monk responded smugly.

After a lengthy bout of one-upmanship they both turned to their master who was sitting nearby.

“O great and venerable one, between the two of us, who is most Zen of all.”

The master, replete in tranquil meditative silence made no reply.

The puzzled monks noticed that there was an empty, family-sized can of baked beans beside him on the ground and that his arms were thrust straight out, supported by bamboo rods with both index fingers pointing. Hanging over each of the index fingers were tiny signs written in elaborate hand-painted Japanese Kanji script.

On closer inspection, the monks saw that the each finger had a different message hanging on it.

The left one said: “For the true answer ignore the right sign and pull the right one.”

The right sign said: “ignore the left sign; pull the finger that’s left.”


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