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Fuck em’ We Have Choices: Part 1



               Fuck em’ We Have Choices: Part 2                      


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So we can either allow ourselves to become overwhelmed and disempowered by submitting to a relentless focus on carnage, hysteria and ideological rhetoric, regarding events such as the Paris attacks, or we can seek a more enlightened perspective which will keep our mind and heart open and alive to the potential to manifest solutions to such crises, despite the relentless mass-media sensory assault. The choice is ours. Let us begin with a few simple steps.

Step 1.

If your still lame enough to be reading newspapers — stop it!! You might just be in the running for moron of the year award. Get rid of them all now and cancel all your subscriptions. Who the fuck reads newspapers anyway. Comon!

Step 2.

If you look to major commercial television or internet news networks for information, stop that too. It’s basically mind-fuck central and your brain has become the equivalent of a hysteria lubed receptacle for the throbbing, phallacies of a dying breed of corporate elite assholes who are too stupid to go with the flow of human evolution.

Step 3.

Take a deep breath. Look-the-fuck-around you. Are you in danger right now? Look outside. Why the hell would you let some jerk-wad TV newscaster take away your current loving peace of mind by trying to convince you that there are terrorists doing back strokes in your breakfast cereal?

Step 4.

Educate yourself on the issues at hand and the real causes behind them. The systematic failures of our dominant Western cultural paradigm: the ecologically suicidal way we extract natural resources, the mindless way we consume, the fact that we still look to these infantile, brain-dead psychopathic politicians for protection in times of crises, when they were the one’s that put us all in the fucking firing line in the first place.


Choices people — choices!


If you know someone who might benefit from a little no-holds-barred wake up juice. Then please share — with love!


Stay tuned for Part 2


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