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Fuck em’ we Got Choices: Part 2

“Wow, just what I always wanted. A satellite mass-media news and shopping multi-channel subscription.”


This is Part 2 in a series. Here is Part 1  Here is Part 3


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“Chucking a Hudson”


One of the many, many, many, bazillion or so choices we have in this information age, is called the “Wake-The-Fuck-Up-Option.” There is no excuse not to be informed. Not when an untrained monkey could bring up more hits for alternative news media and socially progressive success stories by randomly slapping his cohunas on a keyboard.

We have this massive spectrum of data with which to question understand and shape and reshape our reality for the better. Long, long gone are the days of being bound by the limited information of only a few dominant sensationalist media channels in order to inform our perspectives of powerful events such as the Paris attacks.

Long, long ago in a phallacy far, far away…


Never at any time in history have we had access to more information with which we can definitively shape our global reality for the better. A whole lot more of us urgently need to wake-the-fuck-up-to-that and cure our junkie-like addiction to  the TV opiate.




In the aftermath of the London bombings, I didn’t make use of this amazing capacity to understand the bigger picture of global issues that led to such a tragic turn of events because I was a moron. Blinded and bullied by self-inflicted ignorance, I allowed myself to become psychologically paralysed by a prolonged fit of black despair, which fed on the TV media coverage of fear, violence, hysteria and inevitable loss of personal liberties.

Enter the village idiot: “It aint’ happenin man, it aint’ happenin man.”

I was like that pathetic private Hudson from the James Cameron movie Aliens, who is constantly losing his shit every time something bad is happens.




I unecessarily allowed myself to feel powerless and therefore eventually filed those attacks away in the does-not-compute file of my mind, and tried to ignorantly get on with my life and pretend nothing had happened. But that is precisely the kind of screwed up attitude that allows even more ignorance and fear to proliferate.

What a total and utter Hudson I had become. I had to wake the fuck up and smell the burning. It was my arse that was on fire, fanned by the flames of my complete and utter doosh-baggery. And here’s me pretending that it was just some form of exotic pants-flavoured incense.

Then along comes this beautiful kick-arse Earth-mother feminine archetype in the form of the character Lieutenant Ellen Ripley. Just perfect for snapping my panicky moron arse out of that morbid funk. Whoa momma:



Bad-ass Lieutenant Ripley stares down a piss-weak suggestion from one of the marines.

“You better just start dealing with it, Hudson! Listen to me! Hudson, just deal with it, because we need you and I’m sick of your bullshit.”

Aye, Aye Lieutenant. So with all this crazy shit going on in the world, whatever you do don’t Chuck a Hudson, stay calm and listen to your inner Ripley. Just deal with it, get the best and widest alternative range of information you can possibly find on this big, brilliant thing called an internet…


Educate the bejeezers outta yourself and master your fears. Otherwise they will master you. We only fear that which we cannot understand.

Stay tuned for Part 3


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