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Fuck em’ We Got Choices: Part 3

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This is part 3 of a series. Here is Part 1  Here is Part 4

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My initial response to the attacks in Paris again had me reaching for the sand bucket into which I could stick my head like the A-grade moron I used to be. I thought that as someone who claims to be so deeply concerned about the state of humanity, this was totally unacceptable.

So after bitch slapping myself a number of times, I finally admitted that I had been conveniently compartmentalizing my awareness of particular world issues into things that I found palatable, like America leading the way on renewable energy or the huge decline in the use of nuclear and coal power generation around the world more generally.

Sure within our lifetimes, if current trends continue, there is an extremely good chance that we will see the dominant portion of the energy use of developed countries and also developing countries coming from renewables. Well aint’ that just grand.

I would even go as far to say: Whoo-hoo. About fucking time, you big business mother-fuckers are finally getting something right. Even if it’s just based on a paranoid rush to maintain your profit margins in the face of skyrocketing oil prices…but…progress is progress, right. We shouldn’t look a gift horse in the arse right!

We salute you big business. Let’s have a great big fucking Mickey Mouse Fun in the Sun parade, with big breasted models all dolled up as solar panels. No really, the people and the planet thank you wholeheartedly.

But hang the fuck on for a minute. Let’s trace this up the US power grid a little ways, and pretty soon, what-the-fuck do we have here: oh well lookey here, people being terrorized, and threatened and not all to infrequently being accidentally killed in their own homes by trigger happy SWAT teams for shit like not paying their utilities bills. Kind of pisses on the whole leading the world in energy renewables parade, just a little don’t you think!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization

When stuff like the above tarnishes my faith in humanities ability to get its shit together, I immerse myself in positive stories of environmental and humanitarian success. There are truckloads of them around now.

Thank fuck for alternative, independent news media. WE LOVE YOU!

These positive success stories are a lot harder to hear because of the dominant negative fear-based perceptions that we have been relentlessly bombarded with by those sociopathic mass-media arse-holes, but they are most certainly there, and in growing abundance too.

When I looked at good news media resources a few years ago, there weren’t that many, but I looked again and recently found a whalloping great earth-motherload of brilliant human, ecological, social and political success stories. Looks like there might be hope for us all yet!

For a list of positive news resources, please see my next post coming soon.

These give me the sense of balance and inner strength that I need to psychologically confront more of the disturbing stuff that is going on in the world and then search for a more enlightened and holistic response.

Because even the old Dalai Lama as peace, love and buttered yak’s balls as he is, was once quoted in reference to world problems as saying:

“Now is not the time to pretend everything is alright.”

So in nutshell, he’s eluding to the fact that yes, there is emerging potential for humanity to seriously wake the fuck up and snap the fuck out of this suicidal trip that we are hellbent on, and there are serious signs that this is happening in many many places, but we don’t dare even think about slapping ourselves on the back, not just yet. There is still way too much nasty-creepy, weird, fucked-up shit going on out there around the world boys and girls. Sorry to rain on the Fun in The Sun Parade.

So as we established in the previous post that it’s freaking useless to be burying your head in the sand, about all this crazy shit, it’s also really freaking unhelpful to be running around “Chucking a Hudson”like one of those nutjob sandwich-board wearing I told you so motherfuckers that want to bring everybody down. Clearly either of these brands of whack mojo will most certainly not be getting us the fuck anywhere, ever.

While we wanna get all touchy-feely about a lot of the great shit that’s going on in the world — and let me assure you there is tons of it, if you care to take the time to look — we are a fucking , long, long way from being able to at least even pretend that everything is alright with the world. But that doesn’t mean that we need  fall into a smouldering heap of morbid black despair because were so hooked on having our revolution in a can served post-haste at the local convenience store.

We really need to start developing a more expansive set of perceptual values, because the ones that we are saddled with currently are seriously holding us the fuck back. The idea that if it’s not happening on a time scale that is useful to me, then why the fuck should I even give a flying fuck about it, or that it’s useless to even try, because the problem is too big is about as useful as tits on a bull.

Why, well because all the health, prosperity and opportunities to co-create and evolve, that we are now enjoying and are appalled at the prospect of losing, have come down to us over the years from hundreds of years of countless little fucks that were given by ordinary people and in some cases extraordinary great big fucks that were given by people at extraordinary personal cost, to make the world a better place, often in service of change they would not be seen in their life times. Of course some forms of social change happen in short periods, but we can’t bank on this as the only basis of action on an issue, especially when it comes to global scale environmental problems, or as a species, we can pretty much kiss our future goodbye.

Part of the new perceptual values that we need to develop when we are talking about global scale change, is the idea that actions taken in the world now or lack thereof will have an exponential effect when spread out over the course of decades and even centuries from now. When we are building on the accumulation of enlightened social progress that was laid down before us we should approach our awareness and action on social issues with the idea that we are continuing that process of accumulation for the benefit of many, many generations into the future also.

But of course, there’s are actually some things that those impatient “revolution-in a-can” types, could conceivably see the fruits of within their life times. For example, getting the mass-produced beef industry shut down could basically neutralize the amount of global warming causing methane from the atmosphere in the space of about thirty years.

Ethical Shopping: “Cowspiracy” and Why You Should Buy Well When it Comes to Food Too

With this kind of wisdom in mind, I worked harder than usual to push past the dominant soup of mass media gob-shite, to develop a more holistic solutions based perception of global change. One that included both an awareness of things like Paris attacks and the unfolding crisis in Europe, and a bunch of other mind-numbing crazy shit going on in the world, not just in terms of it’s devastating fallout, but with the dominant emphasis on the broader causes.

Why? To enable me to contribute a meaningful awareness of such problems and how the fuck we might solve them. Because each and every one of us have our little fucks to give.

Again, and I say this so often: never at any time in history, has it been possible to both know and give a fuck about more things, so often and in real-time and at the push of a button. We have transcended time and space on matters of global change and the information required to make them happen. So no excuses anymore. If you’re not seriously giving a fuck about something, then why not?

If you are seriously giving a fuck about something already, please leave a comment and let me know about it. I would love to hear about it.


Stay tuned for Part 4


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