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Fuck em’ We Got Choices: Part 4

The Egyptian Goddess Maat, the personification of truth, justice and balance.
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This is Part 4 of a series. Here is Part 1 


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To give my brain the clarity and inner-spaciousness to consider a more holistic solutions-based perspective on global problems, such as the Paris attacks, I made a more concerted effort to ignore the-fuck-out-of all the mass-media’s blaring rhetorical gob-shite and focus very squarely on the gestures of transcendent global-scale compassion evoked by the incidents: the out-pourings of love, support, cooperation, solidarity and peaceful determination.


Spurred by a deep need to figure out better ways of thinking, feeling and responding to such tragedies, I decided to try to educate myself more deeply about global issues than I ever had before. I soon developed a sense that humanity is really starting to wake up and get the bigger picture.  Amidst all the doom and gloom there was a very distinct sense that the altruism of our technologically integrated global humanity, is becoming motivated far less by the rapidly disintegrating rhetorical insanity of our failing Western cultural paradigm, and more by the transcendent qualities of awareness needed to tackle many of the very solvable root causes of crises such as the Paris attacks.

By very solvable, I mean that the more I bothered to read between the lines, the more I came to the conclusion (and yes I am coming again to this broken old record of a conclusion, but in a new way here – because I am always testing and retesting the truth of my convictions.)

“That it’s not for lack of the technological or intellectual means that prevents these problems from getting solved, the problem is one of lack of political will…”

Or is it? This statement above would seem to suggest that appealing to the old elite political institutions has been the only way to EVER get something done. Odd, considering that most social progress has been won in spite of the obstacles placed before it by so many of those rotten old top-down political, economic and ideological institutions, which have generally served as mechanisms for keeping the interests of a privileged few in place, at the expense of the many.

I emphasize AT THIS POINT. However, it is also becoming abundantly clear, that because of the way technology is shaping our global interactions at the individual level, the traditional limitations of having to waste truckloads of creative problem solving energy to harangue the living bejesus out of your political representatives just to make some kind of token, trickle down change from the top of the false Darwinian pyramid, is becoming less relevant.

What if there was an election and nobody turned up?

People are falling less and less for that old smoke and mirrors crap and getting the fuck out there and just getting shit done themselves across the new frontiers of collective consciousness opened up by cyberspace. And with good reason too, because they are finally coming to accept the truth of what politics has all too frequently amounted to: an unrelenting source of highly-engineered obstacles and distractions; part of what the ancient roman elites referred to as “bread and circuses,” mass gladiatorial spectacles (sporting and consumer competition) – those events into which our frustrations are coercively channeled in order stop us from building up the self-realized creative momentum to resist that rotten carrot that keeps us striving ever forward on that treadmill of materially obsessed illusory change.

Because we can now read around, behind and in-between the issues from an incredible variety of non-institutionalized viewpoints, and produce and contribute news-media content of our very own and share it with potential audiences of millions, even the average internet user can develop a savvy for the cat and mouse linguistic and visual turns of phrase used by modern media propaganda.

We are becoming increasingly empowered at the individual level to access and share the information needed to directly make informed decisions about shaping our reality in real-time, across global boundaries, and without all the traditional gatekeeping institutions, like academia, publishing or mass-media getting their tentacles in the way. In this context, political will, or lack thereof, is becoming less and less of an obstacle to manifesting positive global change of the sort that could steer us toward a more holistic and sustainable global paradigm.

WTF is a holistic and sustainable global paradigm I hear you ask. Well I’m not entirely sure myself yet. It seems to mean many things to many different people, but I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeves. I know one thing for sure, it sounds a shitload healthier than “business as usual.” Namely because it is beginning to decentralize big capital and dismantle the old hierarchical ideological, economic and political chains of command which have wrought so much rapacious ecological destruction and suffering upon humanity.

I’m keen to explore this shifting paradigm in much greater depth. I would love for you to share this journey with me.

Let me close this post with one of my all-time favourite time quotes from a deeply self-realized pioneer of both inner and outer space, former Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell.


Photo 2015-04-19 午後1 24 16


 Stay Tuned for Part 5…


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10 thoughts on “Fuck em’ We Got Choices: Part 4

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  2. That’s a powerful quote from Edgar Mitchell (who also founded the Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONs) as a result of his own consciousness shift). The documentary films Overview (a short film) and Planetary (a feature-length doc. released in Spring 2015) also looks at this. Those of us who’ve had Near Death Experiences or real mystic-experiences have experienced this ‘aha’ shift as well, and ‘the return’ is challenging, surreal … but this Edgar Mitchell quote gets at one gist of it! xoxo Big Love, Jamie

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    • Yes, Edgar is a great culture hero on many levels. I admire how he had the courage to buck all the consensus establishment nonsense in order to express his true convictions. The legacy of what a true astronaut should be about. Someone for the kids to really look up to. One of the reasons why affordable commercial spaceflights should be encouraged. “Overview Tours” instead of Richard Branson’s sordid elitist love hotel concept. Again, many kind thanks for your continuing support I really appreciate it. Super big love. To the moon and back xoxoxoxox


  3. oh Mama you are on fire now! I am wicchu…some good stuff here, as he follows the shenanigans going on in Hawaii – today’s posts have three outstanding letters written by the King of Hi addressing many pieces you also address, as well as a video of a recent trip to Russia where there was a gathering of representatives for the many nations attempting to break free of the BS system that has everyone ensnared. Mitchell (above) – oh yeah! the basic bottom lines all but disappeared…working hard at re-emerging into a better global scenario. personally, we are desperately trying to put together a totally sustainable off-grid sanctuary farm, however it seems that those with money seek only a ‘return for their investment’ – same-o crap. when will those with funds turn their ways back to harmony with the Mother? good question, but I think the rug shall soon be pulled out from under their pyramid of power, inevitable I like to believe. But then, we are only in this reality – what is going on in the others? so much to conceive!! dimension hopping 101, get your tickets now while prices are still reasonable! LOL life is a trip, everyone has a front row seat – whether they know it or not. and, we ARE the future…can’t get our panties in a bind or our lids on too tight. much love and peace to you – and thanks for spitting it out there! the pressure cooker is about to blow wide open for all to see

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow. Thank you for such an inspired response. Yes, indeed were all comin home to big momma. Clearly there are those that are already learning to live well within her graces of their own accord, and those that will get their arses spanked raw and sent to their rooms for bad behavior. Come out when you can learn to play, cooperate and share like a decent human being says mamma! I’d love to hear more about your off the grid living experiences. Thanks for sharing the mojo. Great to hear from you. Warmest regards!

      Liked by 1 person

      • we are watching the spankin’s around us, and staying focused on ducking when we see somethin’ coming – as best we can! about impossible to avoid ’em all, we still have to deal with choices involving others that are also evolving – the pieces come together to play for everyone’s’ lessons…lessons never stop, ever (sigh). we have been homesteaders living holistically and as sustainable as possible – way out in the faraway places – for almost 40 yrs. We got into the sandbox with much bigger cats and they won (the system), but not without a fight. we packed up the little bit that we scraped together in the aftermath and moved to Costa Rica and have been trying to put together the sustainable farm of our dreams (skills, wisdom, know-how, love of Gaia)…and it is so in reach…so perfect…we hold the vision and look for the rest of the team to pull together, because as we know now: we must do this together – as an earth unit, with Gaia. Everything is different this time, and we are smack in the middle of it now! It seems that the money is in the hands of those that played well in the sandbox and came out still thinking that the game will go on the same, LOL. I guess there are those with money building underground bunkers fully stocked…ha ha, ‘as if’, yeah? we shall see – something is calling the bluff on center stage. Wow! hugs, peace n love – hearts at the helm, thanks for writing – all of it!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Wow. Such an awesome dedication to sustainable living. You are a great example to others — a leading light. I want to hear more and share more of your stories with my blogging audience. It’s great to know about such living breathing examples of this kind of holistic living in action. Many, many thanks for your inspiration. Indeed — “Hearts at the helm” ( Love that expression )


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