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Fuck em’ We Got Choices: Part 5



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This is Part 5 of a series. Here is Part 1


“We cannot solve this problem only through prayers,” “I am a Buddhist and I believe in praying. But humans have created this problem, and now we are asking God to solve it. It is illogical. God would say, solve it yourself because you created it in the first place.”

The Dalai Lama [possibly referencing worldwide calls to#PrayForParis.]


So as I claimed in Fuck em’ We got Choices: Part 1 and Part 2 people have been conditioned by the mass-media with a disempowering fear-based perceptual bias. Why? One of the reasons is simply because it sells news. This is no great secret. You don’t need to be a big-brained Chomskyite to figure this out because major news-casters have never hidden the fact that the threat level of a news story is the dominant factor in headline news editorial selection. They even have a flippant saying about it:

“If it bleeds, it leads.”

And this is why I shun newspapers so unequivocally as mentioned in Part 1, because it’s so much harder to read through the wall of toxic fear that vomits on your brain’s frontal lobes whenever you open one.

Now, I’m not saying that we should be pretending to live in some cotton-candy la-de-da land where technicolor unicorns walk around shitting gold bars in the streets either; but at least on the internet you have the choice to read different versions of the same events from a number of perspectives and develop a more holistic impression.

This means you can cross reference information to make sure your headspace is not being ridden roughshod by a fear-mongering major news resource that is hell-bent on selling you the worst possible version of humanity in service of elite power goals.

A Sigh of Relief: Positive News Resources

Thankfully we have an inspiring antidote emerging in the form of positive internet news sites. When I looked about a year or so ago, there weren’t so many. There’s cache-loads of them now, and more appearing all the time. This is a serious move in the right direction, one which I thoroughly applaud. Every fucking “great” positive news link brings a little more balance to the force.


Star-Wars-Maestro-Yoda-y-su-Kybuck-01Image source: openclipart

“Product become you have. Mass-media, consume you it will.”



However, use of the term “great” would also implies that there is some bloody awful ones out there too. As with any media, just because it’s independent or touchy-feely doesn’t mean it’s beyond reproach. You should exercise critical judgment with whatever you read, wherever it’s from.

Here is a link to a blog post full of positive news sites. This list will grow and become more refined and categorized as I uncover more stuff.

Trouble in Paradise

Some of these positive news sites seemed to go just a little too far into that technicolour unicorn territory for my liking. Many of them base their names and strategy completely on this touchy-feely human interest angle, and again while I applaud the symbolism of such enlightening gestures, and aknowledge that at this point in time it’s a necessary overcompensation to start levelling the psychic playing field, it should raise some concearns about a new opiate of touchy-feely distraction developing, or the idea that prayerful actions and goodwill alone will make everything alright with the world.

It’s vitally important to remember that when all the prayers are said and done, and all the touchy-feelies have been felt, we can’t just go blindly back to, “business as usual,” and keep wondering why the fuck mind-numbing weird crazy shit like the Paris attacks, climate change, poverty, hunger and war, keep happening. We cannot keep clinging to the manipulative, busted old perceptual regimes that have gotten us into so much turmoil in the first place.

Some of the big news networks have been quick to pick up on the selling potential of this positive news media trend and according to a number of survey’s, positive news media stories move faster on the internet, get you liked in great profusion, and hey who knows, they may even increase your chances of getting laid.

But again, you have to ask yourself who the fuck writes this kind of stuff: probably the guy that’s just decided to start an editorial column to start flogging his sponsor’s touchy-feely product alongside all the touchy-feely news. It still carries potential for a manipulation of sorts: one which we must remain alert to.

People suffering global disaster fatigue who are seeking some form of happy salvation, are probably less likely to question the spin that’s put on good news. So remember folks, both good and bad news can be spun.

Tuning the Pendulum

So we go from this disproportionate, adrenalized mass-media crack cocaine of death, disaster, disease and destruction, to a feel good opiate of cops buying shoes for homeless guys, and old ladies knitting winter sweaters for rescued chickens.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s brilliant to see lots of beautiful people, doing lots of beautiful stuff; we need to know about this to keep our faith in our potential alive and give us the clarity to deal with these global crises in a mode of basic sanity.

Because I do believe that to a certain extent we get what we focus on. So yeah, let’s focus the fuck out of all the beautiful stuff. I have no bones about that, but just like the nasty-crazy mind-numbing shit that says, “if it bleeds it leads,” there is only so much of it you can handle, before you start to feel that the ball for the reality game has been gob-smacked out of the court.


1406937375av8voimage source:


As I mentioned in Part 2, You don’t wanna start burying your head in the sand, or become a morbid doomsaying fuck-knuckle (A.K.A “Chucking a Hudson”)

Conversely, with the feel-good info cascade, there is also the risk that you could end up hurling technicolour chunks, and falling asleep dry-humping your gold brick shitting unicorn doll.

And the reason I have drawn attention to this point with such an obscenely colourful illustration, is that each of these head in the sand / morbid over-reaction polarities, is a disproportionate psychological reaction which creates a disconnect with your critical intellectual faculties. These states make it harder to develop the kind of holistic formulation of reality which is crucial for remaining broadly informed about events and taking meaningful actions towards creative problem solving, either in your own life or more broadly in a social context.

Mass Media Hypnotism

This is actually one of the well-documented intentions of mass-media hysteria: to induce more fear-based consumer behavior, in order to manipulate you into accepting things that you don’t really need — whether that be for a new pair of sports shoes, a chosen political candidate, a war, or an ideology — based on a form of conditioned uncritical reflex.

Some of the major international marketing and advertising firms that influence mass-consciousness globally, shift without remorse or sense of conflict of interest, between corporate interests, political campaigns, war and ideological propaganda.

It is actually a widely documented, but often conveniently overlooked fact, that the ideas of the scumbag “founding father” of Western consumer mass-marketing (mass-manipulation) Edward Bernay’s, held so much appeal to the ideology of German Nazism, that his book, Crystallizing Public Opinion, was used extensively by Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, in his efforts to consolidate Nazi power in Europe.

Bernays made no bones about his utter contempt for human self-sovereignty, and referred to his brand of “scientific opinion control,” as the “engineering of consent.” He wrote in Propaganda ( New York : 1928, pp. 47–48 )

“If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it.”


This is is the kind of thinking that continues to inform the systematic networks of divide, command and control of the global mass-consciousness, by all manner of powerful government and corporate interests, that blare relentlessly out at you from all manner of screens on a daily basis. If you think that you own your own mind, think again.

To help understand this try this little thought experiment…

Go and look in your spare rooms, garages, draws, closets, garbage bins and yards, at all the useless and probably “busted” (engineered to be obsolete) crap that you have bought, which you later realized that you never actually needed in the first place, or no longer find “fashionable.”

Not only have you been robbed of your hard-earned money, but your mind has been messed with in order to achieve these outcomes, and in participating, you have very likely contributed to some form environmental destruction and pollution.

The history of mass-marketing as a tool for social engineering, is very well  documented in Adam Curtis’ award-winning 2002 BBC Documentary, The Century of The Self.

So as I detailed in Part 1 if you are seeking to develop some integrated psychological balance, but finding that difficult to achieve, or if you find yourself in a store with a handful of cash foaming at the mouth for that one thing to fill an insecure void in your life, or you end up voting for political morons in some desperate attempt to seek change that never comes; then perhaps the resources and ideas in this post may be able to help you shed a little light on why.

Mojo Rising

Good news is, that positive news and holistic thinking is on the increase as internet use, independent media content creation and sharing continues to come of age. Stay tuned for more on this!

So then what..?

After a few hours of scanning through good media news sites, I felt nervous that I was taking my eye off the ball. Was I the victim of years of savage mass media conditioning. Was I itching for that hit of adrenalin-crack news headline, or was it that I actually care about having my wits about me.

Well seeing I weaned myself off commercial TV, newspapers and internet mass media networks years ago, I suspect that the latter is the case.

Meanwhile, I dare you to try the thought experiment I mentioned earlier, then see if you can go a day without mass-media, including the internet and smart phone. How does it affect you? How long do you think you could last? Does it affect your view of your consumer behaviour?


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Stay tuned for Part 6…



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