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The Rebel and Mystic Sell


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Passionate, straightforward and well written. Because indeed: “Sometimes you just gotta get your fucking halo dirty.” Reblogged with much respect to Earth Energy Reader at the Shift Has Hit The Fan…

The Shift Has Hit The Fan

“Rebels share much in common with religious mystics. They hold fast to a vision that often they alone can see. They view rebellion as a moral imperative, even as they concede that the hope of success is slim and at times impossible. Rebels, a number of whom I interviewed for this book, are men and women endowed with a particular obstinacy. Willing to accept deprivation and self-sacrifice, they are not overly concerned with defeat. They endure through a fierce independence and courage.  Many, maybe most, have difficult and eccentric personalities. The best of them are driven by a profound empathy, even love, for the vulnerable, the persecuted and the weak….There is nothing rational about rebellion. To rebel against insurmountable odds is an act of faith, without which the rebel is doomed. This faith is intrinsic to the rebel the way caution and prudence are intrinsic to those who seek to…

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4 thoughts on “The Rebel and Mystic Sell

  1. I thought you’d enjoy this one, Leeby. 🙂 It’s a good one to spread about. There’s another on Earth Energy Reader’s site about ‘Fringe Dwellers’, talking about the same mystic-rebel-nonconformist wee demographic. xoxo Jamie

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