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Anatomy of a Shamanic Family Clearing

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My artist’s impression of “Mantis Earth Mother”


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Awoke and looked up to see a praying mantis clinging to the outside of the fly-screen on the window above my head. It was perched about forty centimeters or so above the window ledge, facing head down, directly above a piece of obsidian crystal which I had programmed specifically for ancestral healing a few days before.

Mantis Medicine Spirit (Mantis Earth Mother, as I call her) is my primary ancestral karmic spirit guide. Whenever she has work for me to do, she sends a real live mantis upon the physical plane to help attune my awareness to her presence on the astral. As I have grown in spiritual maturity, so has the size of the mantis. This one appeared to be a young adult.


7:47 am

Drifted back into semi-consciousness and entered into the lower astral plane, I felt that I was there for a confrontation with the shadow aspect of my ancestral consciousness. I found myself walking a dark, slimy hallway in an old, abandoned building.

Passed a room with a darkened doorway. Within the room there was something moving around. I hurried past. I felt that this was not my room to enter, that mine was further up the hall way. Feeling a little ill at ease, I called Mantis Earth Mother to my side.

Entered another room further up the hallway. It was also large and completely pitch black. Although I could sense no movement, there seemed to be a presence within. I walked to what I imagined to be the center of the room, cast a protective circle and invited Mantis Earth mother into it.

Together we moved slowly, pivoting at the center of that protective circle, trying to get a sense of the invisible presence that we were confronting. I had the benefit of being surrounded by Mantis Spirit’s energetic shell. She became an avatar for me, allowing me to flex her striking predatory claws by whipping them into the pitch blackness. I struck time and time again, trying to hit that unseen presence that I could feel there in the dark, but came up against nothing.

Or so I thought…


8:00 am

Woke up, got out of bed and went about my day. I was feeling relaxed and happy as I had breakfast, did the dishes, and began to clean the shower.

While cleaning the shower, I felt this intense surge of anger welling up for absolutely no reason. My jaw clenched and I began screaming and thumping uncontrollably on the bathroom floor and the tub.

In my intent to address that nasty piece of negative ancestral Karma, by journeying in the lower astral, I had drawn out a negative entity, (one of many from an infestation in the family tree) which had now latched onto me, and was manipulating my repressed emotions in order to feed off the energy.



While a Jungian perspective attribute this kind of intense emotional outburst purely as the result of repressed psychic energy (what I’m more inclined to describe as a thought-form) welling to the surface, my Shamanic view recognized the signs of a negative entity intrusion with some form of intelligent parasitic intent.

In my Shamanic practice, I hold a common ground with regards to the existence of psychic thought-forms and their effects, but this is supplemented by a belief that human-created, individual and collective thought-forms, make people more susceptible to various forms of negative entity attack from the astral planes.

Despite their differences, these views are quite compatible because in either perspective, there is the suffering caused by having ones thoughts, feelings and or actions, unconsciously manipulated by a force seemingly beyond one’s control or conscious awareness.


I wrestled back my composure. Thankfully, because of the protective Daoist shamanic symbol and programmed crystals that I carry, the negative entity only had a superficial grasp upon my outer energy layers, where I could hold it off until I could do a full negative entity removal ritual.


For more on this subject, see my post Negative Entities and Their Removal


9:15 am

I had come under attack because the negative entity was defending it’s food source in the repressed emotions buried within the shadow aspect of the family consciousness, or more specifically should I say, “unconsciousness.”

Drawing this entity out had been an extremely useful exercise, because as well as freeing up space and energetic flow within the branches of the ancestral tree more generally, it had also yielded a form energetic intelligence which eventually helped me to track the source of the infestation to it’s karmic root higher up in the ancestral branches.

So what was essentially a negative being, in the end actually became the bearer of the seed of healing. This is indicative of the way in which transformative possibilities can often arise from within shadow.

With the negative entity removed, the task of doing this family clearing would be made considerably easier.



With a great sense of relief and anticipation, I finally managed to get some time and space to myself to do the family clearing ritual.

I did the preliminaries: cleansed my ancestrally programmed obsidian crystal deeply under the running water. As I strengthened my intent for the ritual, I could feel many generations of ancestral hands holding the crystal with mine, and many, many voices reciting the mantra of ancestral healing intent all at once.


10:45 am 

Cleansed my energy field and the ritual space, cast my circle, called to the four directions and elements, aligned myself and made offerings to the spirit guides that I chose to work with on this occasion.

These included Medicine Buddha, Green Tara, Cernunnos, Danu, Artio, Mantis Earth Mother and Medicine Bear Spirit.

With all these deities called to the edge of my circle. I grasped the obsidian, attuned myself to it, and began the ritual.


10:50 am 

I visualized and aligned myself with my ancestral tree, made various offerings, centered myself within it, and expressed my deepest loving-gratitude.

I sensed it’s huge roots expanding deep below as far as the imagination could reach. Branches above stretching with equal might toward the heavens, entangling themselves among the stars…

“As above so below. Grounded, yet connected to divine inspiration. Centered resolutely in heart-space.”

“O tree of life. Avail us of your wisdom, guide us to the source of the family karmic obstacle that I seek to remove.”

And with that, it revealed an illuminated section of one of the lower branches, (a close living relative) which branched off to the right (mother’s side of the family.)

“Who in particular, is the source of this particular Karmic distress that I seek to remove?”

A vivid image of the family member in question appeared in front of me.


“I thank you for your wisdom o’ Tree of Life.”

tree papecut


I visualized myself facing the family member, set up an energetic link, and with a sense of deep loving-compassion, offered them a gift of healing energy by bringing a dense ball of white-light down into my heart-center. I then projected it toward their heart center.

I watched that ball of healing energy expand and radiate outward through their energy field, and continued to project that white light until I saw their field become totally clear. I then then proceeded to cut and dissolve the large number of negative energetic cords which had attached themselves to the chakras.

I visualized the family tree, and imagined that the new healing pattern that I had initiated, was flowing down through the family into the particular family member, and into myself.

I expressed a deep sense of forgiveness for all family grievances with recognition and gratitude for all the family members positive achievements and personal qualities.

Then with the combined energetic support of all the spirit guides I had called forth to my circle, we channeled as much light energy as we could muster up into the waiting arms of my nearest ancestors, who moved it on further and further up the tree.

We pumped more and more light into the tree until it changed from it’s dull brown hue, and became totally saturated with shining light. After a while, it became like clear crystal from its deepest roots, all the way up to the tips of it’s star-filled branches.

I once more expressed deep acknowledgement and gratitude to the ancestral tree and all my spirit guides for their assistance, sealed the ritual space, then went downstairs and had a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Several biscuits actually. I was starving. Energy work can really give you a huge appetite.



Each and every family or ancestral healing is unique like a finger print, depending on the influence of guides and energy patterns (personal and planetary) being worked with. The above ritual was a shortened and customized version based on a fuller, more formal version that I have developed, which I use as a template.



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