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Discernment On Disclosure And Ascension

Some very enlightening thoughts here. In a time of incredible change we can hold onto the core of our being by remaining deeply critical, but flexible enough to see opportunities for positive evolution, personally, socially and globally. In a nutshell: we need not be bound by fear as the old paradigm radically disintegrates. This post can help you learn how to work with the Gaian shake and wake caused by these intense global changes.


Discernment in the Age Of Aquarius.
Disclosure is happening now. This is the reality now everyday in the media, even the mainstream media, the ongoing daily revelations of the fact that we are not alone in the Universe, we are being visited by Extra Terrestrial intelligent beings and civilizations.
We are about to get deluged with information on this, the most taboo, highly controversial and complicated topic in our culture. ET’s, UFO’s, and Aliens. A subject that once identified and investigated connects all the dots in our recent and far history in a way that no other subject can connect.
So Disclosure is a lot like Ascension, however Ascension is about the greater picture and ramifications of the realities that Disclosure reveals.
To say we are about to get deluged with information on the subject in one way totally incorrect because *we have been getting deluged* with mostly MISinformation about…

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