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Earth Ambassadors and Speakers for the Trees

An Ancient One cut down...

An “Ancient One,” cut down.

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A brilliant article by Willow Crow at Druid’s Garden, who is a great inspiration of mine. Indeed, no serious discussion about humanity’s future and paradigm shift should occur without the issue of ecological rights being brought the table.

However, this is a different take on ecological rights. This is not just about social justice or the human right to protect and enjoy nature for our own benefit, but a much-needed recognition of the innate sovereignty of nature itself, on it’s own terms.

The Druid's Garden

One of the basic problems today is that our land and many of inhabitants can’t speak for themselves and have no legal rights. The word “agency” in a philosophical or rhetorical sense refers to one’s ability to act in a given environment, to have power in that environment, and to have voice. In the case of our land, the non-human inhabitants speak a language that is simply not recognized as a language and those inhabitants and landscapes have been systematically reduced into mere objects of worth. The discourse of our civilization leaves no room for their rights or participation and yet that discourse determines, to a great extent, their fate. They cannot participate in the decision making about our world; they are not considered stakeholders. As such, they are the unfortunate passive experiencers of the many unfortunate exploitative decisions of that civilization.

An Ancient One cut down... Two ancient trees in a row cut down…

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