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Earth Changes: Gaia, The Fey and Humanity (Part 5)

Great_Andamanese_coupleImage Source: Wikimedia commons
 A couple of the “great Andamanese” population, taken in 1876


This is the fifth part of a series. Here is Part 1


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Alchemically speaking, the shake-up in consciousness evoked by natural disasters might be seen as a series of initiations; trial by fire challenges for species development, which we are perfectly capable of overcoming, if we develop the right kind of awareness of our relationship with the planet and universe at large.

The Shamanic view of crisis as an opportunity for breaking down perceptual barriers and the reintegration of formerly estranged elements of consciousness, is something that can be learned through  an observation of nature.

The Earth systematically regulates and reintegrates the various elements of it’s biosphere in many ways. One example might include the opening up of new ecological niches for plant and animal life in the wake of a bush-fire, or the rich deposition of nourishing soil nutrients that settle and bring fertility to a river delta after a major volcanic eruption.

In the context of human societies, social disasters such as wars, disease or economic collapses, are very intimately linked to environmental upheavals. In addition to the chaos and destruction that they can cause in the short-term, in the long run they also often have a powerful way of bringing people together, creating unity and returning us to our sense of basic cooperative necessity and connectedness with the surrounding environment and each other.

We can use this tough love lesson of Gaia’s contribution to global paradigm shift, in an effort to wake us from our obsession with material permanence and the “business as usual” attitude, to bring us into a deeper understanding of ourselves as fully embedded participants (both physically and psychically) in a feedback loop of ecological co-creativity.

So again, to stress the importance that what we may see from our limited anthropocentric view as a kind of chaotic assault by nature, is actually part of a process necessary to maintain the health and stability of Earth’s biosphere, without which, life would not be possible at all.

This is by no means a trivialization of the human toll of natural disasters, in fact a more holistic comprehension of our relationship with the ecology and it’s processes of upheaval, could help to reduce the effect of such disasters by the incorporation of more ecologically conscious cues into disaster prevention.

It is well-known that many animals have a strong sensitivity to impending earth quakes or Tsunamis, and are intuitively guided to places where they can seek protection. There are also groups of humans, who by virtue of their connectedness to their ancient traditions of ecological wisdom, have demonstrated the same capacities.

During the devastating 2004 Indonesian Tsunami, a number of isolated and untouched tribes of the Andaman Islands, showed an uncanny ability to sense environmental clues, and protect their populations from the disaster, while most of the more modern people in the island chain perished.

This is just one of many arguments for a greater inclusion of ecological wisdom into human decision-making processes much more broadly.

For more, see this fascinating article: Asian Tsunami: Lessons from the Survivors

For more on ecology and human decision-making: Earth Ambassadors and Speakers for the Trees

The development of an ethical responsibility for the cultivation of ecological intelligence within the collective consciousness, should include not only an awareness of the impacts of our physical behavior upon natural systems, but of  the effects of our qualities of consciousness upon our ecological footprint at the more subtle energetic level.

When we pump more toxins or wreak environmental destruction we reap what we sow in terms of the upheaval of the planetary biosphere. The effects of this are becoming more and more apparent in accelerating natural disasters such as global warming.

The same can also be said of our contributions at the psychic level. Toxic emotional and mental energies which are created in our personal energetic fields in the form of guilt, hate, fear, and anger etc. from wars, oppression, repression, violence and daily stress, have their influence upon the quality of the field of the collective consciousness, and by extension, that of the Earth field to which it is inseparably linked.

We can retract a great deal of the destructive momentum of our psychic pollution, and thin out that thickened veil of illusion between the human ego and the world, by accepting responsibility for our process of psychic integration. In much the same way as the deposition of rich volcanic soil upon the river delta, it can nourish the growth of a whole new crop of human awareness and creativity.

In my previous post Transmuting Shadow and Inspiring Global Co-lucidity I discussed a very practical way of assuming an ethical responsibility for our share of “psychic pollution,” by working with the personal shadow aspect of the psyche, and how this contributes to the withdrawal of shadow more broadly from within the global collective consciousness.

Ancient wisdom traditions have frequently recognized the importance of taking responsibility for personal, social and global health in a holistic way by using various technologies to help balance and de-toxify the physical and psychic ecology.

The prominence of holistic (multi-dimensional) healing techniques and sacred geometric structures in many ancient cultures, is indicative of an understanding of our deep embededness in the interdependent physical and psychic ecology of the earth, planets and stars.

For more on ancient healing teachnology see: Tibetan Singing Bowls, Way of the Bowl

Constructions such as pyramids or standing stones, act like accupressure points along the Earth’s meridians to help maintain healthy energetic flow and the discharge of toxicity and blockages. They performed this function both for individual people as well as serving as sacred sites for collective and planetary healing, because as far as many of the ancient cultures were concerned, personal, collective and global health were inseparable.

Such structures were a way to help mediate a steady feedback loop of energetic flows through the earth’s internal and external biosphere, all the way from it’s core to it’s outer electromagnetic fields, as well as a means to channel, translate and direct various forms of light energy (interstellar data flows) delivered from particular stars and systems into the earth field and biological cells as a form of evolutionary stimulation.

Many spiritual traditions continue (some like those of the Tibetan Buddhists have continued for thousands of years) to work with special sacred sites and earth energy nodes, in order to try to dissolve psychic toxicity and bring more light into the Earth field. The goal is not only to increase the health of the energetic flows of the Earth within it’s own biosphere, but also in terms of it’s ability to recieve and process evolutionarily nourishing interstellar data such as the influences from the Galactic Center.

For more on this, see: It’s Galactic Centre Time, Are You a G.C Transmitter?

Prayer and sacred ritual alone will not mediate social and ecological catastrophes, it will also take some extraordinary individual and collective action on the physical plane to halt the destruction and toxicity that we have already manifested into motion.

However, they can do a great deal to help ground us in our psychic being and to consolidate our collective co-creative will to raise the bar of consciousness in support of a holistic paradigm shift and manifest the kind of peaceful, just and sustainable world that we want!



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14 thoughts on “Earth Changes: Gaia, The Fey and Humanity (Part 5)

  1. Excellent! Can you please run for president in the USA? 🙂 One blog I can always relate and learn from. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and content! The owls seem to show a few days before a major change in my life. The last time they showed was a few weeks before an entire forrest behind my house was destroyed for a housing development. I believe they were there to inform the animals of the impending destruction. My dog will tuck her tail, pin her ears back and hide, long before a storm approaches. Needless to say, I pay close attention to the animals! Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A most excellent article, Leeby. I appreciated more than a few ‘bits and pieces’ of it, and it’s just really nice to see this sort of more substantial understanding of the ‘shared field’ and the Mystery teachings (from various traditions). Kindred indeed. 🙂 Thanks for the link-back to my Galatic Center post.

    And … I’ve often seen people, or at least some people whose soul-purpose it is to be ‘acupuncture needles’ on the body of the Earth … similar to what you mention about the standing stones, for example. And interesting thing, and purpose, the contemplate, eh?

    xo and Big Love, Jamie

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your very welcome. Yes, we are a couple of closely linked species in the WordPress ecology, so what goes around comes around. I’m about trying to synthesize the different specialties of people here in WP. It may get me far less reads per actual post, but I realize that because of the way I link and refer, more people are visiting my other posts and the posts of my friends and my website. The banal marketing hype that says super short posts with one topic and conformity to established tag-lines and happiness through a billion likes on a single post, seems too insubstantial to me. Strength through unified diversity!

      People acting as “accupressure needles.” I think I know what you mean by that. I have heard of Shamanic rituals where the Shaman acts as a conduit for syphoning off and dissolving the toxicity of a whole group of people then reestablishing source connection.

      Thanks for keeping up the mojo. Peace, Love and deepest Co-Lucidity xoxo


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