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David Icke: Humans Are Giant Crystals


In this short 15 minute excerpt, David does an excellent job of explaining the nature of the holographic universe and humanities relationship to it.

2012 The Awakening

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5 thoughts on “David Icke: Humans Are Giant Crystals

  1. If what David Icke means by humans are giant crystal is that we are made of stardust atoms, it is proven scientific fact. However, It is also very important to stay skeptical towards any information that is being put out there. I believe nobody really holds absolute and irrefutable answers. Stay critical! Infinite peace and wisdom!


    • Yes, I agree very much. It’s awesome to see people connecting the dots, but a little skepticism does not go astray. Plus everyone has the capacity to connect the dots in their own unique way. David’s experience is a form of truth relative to his experience of reality but we each hold own own private universe in our mind and how we relate to it and draw meaning from it is utterly unique!

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  3. I love your post on Humans as giant crystals. It is amazing how much more we are than we acknowledge. Thank you for your blog…for sharing works our human and earthly potential. You may enjoy my blog as well, It’s about my Journey of Spirit and Healing, and also my personal story behind my soon-to-be-published novel, Child of Duende, which is about a little girl with magical powers because she is named the spirit of the earth, duende, by her grandmother. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks. Gracias.

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