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These 9 Personalities Are Changing The World


Excellent article from Michael Forrester at IN5D.

2012 The Awakening

These 9 Personalities Are Changing The World

by Michael Forrester,

Nine distinct personality types make humanity very special, not only in their interactions with each other, but within themselves. Synchronicity ties them all together in a beautiful system that makes everything work. No human being is ever represented by just one of these personality types, but rather a mixture of several. And while the western mindset focuses on happy moments as the ideal, it is unaware that each piece of the puzzle, each with its flaws, is integral in the spiritual evolution of humanity. Everything is shifting and changing so quickly and each of these segments is playing a critical role in human consciousness.


9 Personality Types – Do You See Yourself?


Regardless of the initiative, these are the doers of our world. Being the number of ‘new’ in which all manifestation begins, they symbolize the principle of beginning or initiation through…

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11 thoughts on “These 9 Personalities Are Changing The World

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  2. Changing the world for the better should be everybody’s personal motto! Sadly, very few of us seems to be concerned. I’m glad to see there are still people trying to spread the word! You have a great writing style!

    I, too, hope to help elevate the minds through my writings! You would make a great act of love by sharing my Kickstarter campaign with your friends and family! Stay strong!

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