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Bernie Sanders is Not Just Against Monsanto – He’s Also a Huge Supporter of Holistic Medicine

2012 The Awakening


As the presidential races continues to unfold and more and more people look for alternatives to the pro-establishment candidates, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has gained serious bonus points thanks to his support of organic farmers and his willingness to call out Monsanto.


But did you know that Sanders is also extremely friendly to the alternative health world and has advocated changes to insurance packages to allow for more holistic techniques?

Recently Time magazine ran a piece about Sanders’ affinity for alternative and natural medicine, but those who have followed his career over the years already know that he’s been a longtime friend of the natural health community.

Sanders Praises New Healthcare Additions

In the state of Vermont, Sanders and his constituents are pushing for greater protections and support for organic farmers, and the state has quickly become one of the leaders in the natural food and…

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