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The Black Madonna of the Darker than Dark Forest


Beautifully written account of the life and times of St Meinrad of Einsiedeln (c. 797 – 21 January 861)  and the Black Madonna.



The place closest to my heart in the whole of Switzerland is the Monastery of Einsiedeln. “Einsiedeln” is a German word for “hermitage.” Surrounded by a dark, mysterious forest, situated near a scenic lake, adjacent to glorious mountain peaks, the place is second to none of the famous holy sites of the world in its beauty. It is in this area that Paracelsus was born, and perhaps more importantly – it is a place of worship of the Black Madonna of Einsiedeln, a delicate statue carved lovingly in lindenwood in the first centuries AD. She was a gift from Abbess Hildegarde of Zurich to Saint Meinrad, a monk who established the hermitage of Einsiedeln.

Meinrad was born into a privileged family but he felt he needed to walk his own path instead of rising in the ranks in an established monastery of Reichenau. He wanted to leave the familiar and…

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2 thoughts on “The Black Madonna of the Darker than Dark Forest

  1. Hey there, Leeby. I enjoyed and appreciated this post from Monika as well. The Black Madonna connection, of course, but also resonated deeply with the Forest Sisters who settled there in the dark forest with their Black Madonna. 🙂 xo hope you’re well, Jamie

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    • Thank you. Great to hear from you. Yes, beautifully written and beautifully presented blog too. I’m making a big effort to engage more with my blog community from within as opposed to being slavish to the blog roll. Trying to support and bring everyone together more. And the more I dig back through, sequentially member by member, the more hidden gems I find right on my doorstep.


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