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How Shamanic Energy Healing Can Change Your Life & All Life

Fire Phoenix Dancer

We have all experienced the surprise twists, rollercoaster rides, low points and challenges in our human experience that have shaped us, for better or worse, and we often carry energetic baggage, limiting beliefs, and wounded perspectives forward into our lives:

barbed-wire-freedom2Life does not love and support me” “I am unloveable” “I will never be good enough” “I am not worthy of…” (You know the stories you tell yourself that do not serve you!)

Our subconscious minds are reprogrammed in those universal moments of pain and we often create mechanisms for protecting ourselves from ever experiencing these wounds again, even if it compromises our ability to love ourselves, to love others, to take risks, and experience life to its’ very fullest potential. We just do not want to face our pain and shadows, feel our emotions fully, or experience being hurt again. Instead of having the courage to face our…

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3 thoughts on “How Shamanic Energy Healing Can Change Your Life & All Life

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  2. A very interesting post on shamanism principles concerning healing…
    I quite agree with the statements regarding Wounds and their Roots and the idea of Time-Space as being Circular… Also it is true that most repetitive bad life patterns could be cyclical as well…. I bet there are introspective and personal ways to deals with all this too, such as those achieved through meditation…
    Thanks so much for sharing… Sending all my best wishes. Aquileana 😉

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    • You’re welcome. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. It’s wonderful to hear from you. It’s been awhile. I wanted you to know that I am still around and haven’t forgotten your amazing blog. Warmest rehards!

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