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Manicured Eternity

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in a molten ebb of night rush
we scramble upon building fire escapes
they never exsisted
until now
they rise like Escher sketches beneath our feet

seething breathing volcano
o’ metropolis
diffused by day
it dies by day
into cooled magma comedown
skin betrays the glowing hollow chasms

bludgeoning sorrow
cold nails of conciousness
r hammered,
by reason
to the flesh template

as the sun rises
we are washed upon
parliament’s lawns
devouring manicured eternity
all the while —

listening for the first Brunny morning tram — no 1.

upon a traffic island
have we lost a day
wasted a night…

that sound
o’ green rattler tram
breaking before the bend:
screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee

axles shimmy on the crossover points
machine gun rail iron
parumph pada pada pada purumph
break– screeeeeeeeeeeeeee
points– pada pada parumph parrumph

what is sleep
are we awake
the dream has turned inside out
we have fallen in
pulled all in with us

but that sound is closer to something else

Sydney Rd Pita Bread — schreeeeeeeeee
Landromat– parumph parumph
St Vinnies second-hand shops — pada, pada, pada

Scored a bag of retro 70’s UFO books
a diamantine button up skivvy
less than five bux

enough for hair product — schreeeeeee
tandoori paste — pada pada
More pita — extra loaf for stoned/pissed pub afters
w’ vegemite

Pub happy hour pomp greased up
diamantine — schreeeeeeeeeee

mundane things
high and smiling
Scoob and Bloody mary joined us for lunch
beer garden with J
pool games
K proudly puppeting his freshly pierced prick at me
slugboy says lets do some lines
fuck no sluggo

that shit burns holes
in your soul

few hours writing
lazy nod or two
in the afternoon sun

plastic shopping bags chastising me

choking penguins in my daydreams
alright alright
penguin thought you were a fucking jelly fish
I get it

We’ve gained a day
and a night
this double life
as one
climbing the back o’ billboards
like superheroes

mild mannered arvos
run to riot by midnight

a UFO ride away from the earth at a certain speed
a lifetime passes out there
yet we return only seconds after we leave

haven’t aged a bit



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