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Social Media Positivity: Being The Change


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In the past I have been guilty of being quite a negative person, especially when it came to the state of politics, human rights or the environment. However, more recently I’m realising, that to develop more clarity in connection with higher spiritual wisdom and my process of personal transformation, I must cultivate a deeper and more prolonged sense of positivity and joy. Basically I need to stop being such a negative creep.

One of the ways I think that negativity can be so compelling, is that as a cultural reflex, it can seem that we are doing good by focusing so intensely on humanity’s failings. This to me seems a little counter-intuitive, especially as I have come to understand  the literal truth of the Buddhist saying,  “with our thoughts we shape the world,” as a reference to the effect of our thought patterns upon our DNA, which in turn resonate through into the quantum field, and directly influence the state of our personal reality.


If our thoughts have such a profound affect on shaping our personal experience of reality, as science and a great many of the ancient wisdom traditions have been telling us, then dosen’t it makes sense that this is also true at the level of the collective reality?

Are we actually reinforcing barriers to human progress by such a persistent focus on failure, negativity, death and destruction as we so frequently have regurgitated over and over again through our mass media? And is it equally true, that we can do more to support global healing, and stumulate a thriving human evolutionary process, by cultivating it’s opposite in greater abundance?

The answer is yes! Time and time again, the ancient wisdom traditions and science agree with this conclusion.


I should make it clear at this point, that I’m not out to ignore the   failings of our modern globalised society, in favour of some cotton-candy utopia, but to acknowledge and focus more firmly on how they can or are already being solved.

As optimistic as I am, you will never catch me engaging in any form of denial. I realise that their is still far too much injustice and cruelty evident within the human condition to be patting ourselves on the back any time soon. I am also acutely aware of the human capacity for blind, ego-fuelled optimism and the litany of death and destruction this has wrought througout history.

Having said that, we need not be slaves to our personal or collective pasts or be brought down by a sense of fatalistic pre-destination either. Yes, there are manifold, complex problems besetting global society, and we really have our work cut out for us in finding definitive answers — but we can have a much better chance at shifting ourselves and our experience of the world, out of our cultural dogma of fear and negativity, and awaken more to an inspired (inspirited, ensouled) human evolution, if we remain positive about our potential to do so.

So how can little ol’ me do something about this big ol’ mess?

Of course everybody’s answer to this question will be different but as an example, my personal response, has been to tackle this at the intellectual and social level through sharing the living daylights out of every positive solutions-based social and ecological development I can get my greasy little paws on, across all my social media channels. And the response has has been nothing short of mind-mindblowing! My stats have gone through the roof in recent times.


There is so much amazing good being done out there, and in my experience, people repost positive solutions-based stuff so much wider and more frequently. Yes, basically what I’m saying is that positivity makes you more sexy on social media! This is more than just wishful thinking. There is an emergent statistical truth to this.

In reponse to such a persistently positive trip, people might say, “oh, we can’t live with our heads in the sand,” and that’s true: we should remain eternally vigilant on social, ecological, economic, humanitarian and political issues, but there is plenty enough confusion, fear and negativity going around: it’s not going to disappear any time soon.

There also needs to be a much more definitive focus on the multitudes of deeply courageous folk doing incredible work on exposing injustice and corruption, more than ever before in history, and this needs to continue. We must acknowledge our human thirst for what writer Anthony West refer to as, “shiny barbarism,” if we are to ever to recover properly from the trauma that it has inflicted upon the collective human soul.

One of the trickiest parts of this surfacing of human darkness, is that it can lead to a form of psychological paralysis or chronic disengagement, which thwarts people’s capacity to think creatively and critically on how we could solve such crisises. The conditioned response is to reach for the sand bucket, yet there are ways through this potentially mind-numbing process.

I have decided to play a role in inspiring hope and positivity to help mediate that aspect of human awakening. As a shamanic healer immersed in a modern technological context, I realize that cultivating a cyber community based around hope, real change, and positive solutions, is more in line with my path. In a nutshell, I seek to embody the Gandhian principal of, “being the change I seek.” Technology makes this a sinch!

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15 thoughts on “Social Media Positivity: Being The Change

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  2. Taking a positive, optimistic stance is so often misunderstood as a failure to acknowledge or understand reality. There is a big difference between a failure to see the true state of affairs and the conscious choice to focus on hope by seeking a positive resolution.

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