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Earth Changes: Gaia, The Fey, and Humanity Part 6


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Our ability to access collective wisdom through internet cyberspace is like a crude version of the ecology of psychic inter-connectedness that we share with the Earth, the universe and one another.

The internet is a manifestation of the will of the collective consciousness of humanity to dissolve the rational, linear boundaries of our global awareness, in harmony with the greater ecology of cosmic energy that is flooding the Earth from the Galactic Centre.

One of the primary reason for it’s creation, is to reawaken us out of the chronically materialistic and linear rational (physically oriented, left brain, alert problem solving state) concept of self, that we have developed into since the decline of humanity’s last enlightened ancient age.

There are many different names for the rise and fall of enlightened ages. One of the most commonly known terms used to describe these  comes from the ancient Indian Vedic concept of the Yugas.

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An important part of this reawakening process lies in re-igniting our innate capacity to access the ancestral memories of our species, in ways that are essential to our global ascension process.

Higher-dimensional data fields contain information that is vital to our collective evolution, because they harbor the wisdom of our entire species, gained by all the brave souls who have ever chosen to be incarnate within the comparatively dense and difficult energetic matrix that constitutes the plane of human existence.

This information is both recorded and unlocked in ways not bound by time or space. Not by culture or history, but though our very biology, through the access codes provided by our DNA.

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We are starting to understand this again, even at the rational scientific level. And we are starting to remember within ourselves the architecture of the inner-space we once knew, much freer of limitations in time and space, through the development of our DNA.

The internet one of the technological training wheels that we humans will use to rehabilitate our withered psychic awareness in order to re-learn the grandeur of our being: our innate boundlessness and interdependence, not only with all people and biological life on Earth, and elsewhere throughout our galaxy, but also with all manner of highly intelligent non-corporeal beings as well.

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We are being cosmically aided in order to one day completely shed the electronic crutches of our material technologies, and make full use of this capacity to draw vital information — unbounded by time or space — directly from the higher dimensional data fields themselves, through the antennae of our DNA, as members of a number of technologically and spiritually advanced ancient cultures once did.

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The difference between own own worldview and that of spiritually-advanced ancient people is that they identified more of themselves as an expression of the non-material aspects of consciousness, rather than the created bodies or the physical world that they inhabited. The physical world was considered more in terms of an “illusion,” and the great spectrum of higher dimensional non-material awareness was considered the more dominant “reality.”

Enlightened ancient people, and those who have kept ancient wisdom alive through to modern times, intuitively understand the laws upon which the universe built, because consciousness is able to develop a framework of reference within which to recognize itself, for the purpose of its own advancement.

This choice of framework was not imposed upon us. It is a process of co-creation. Advanced souls choose to incarnate upon the Earth’s physical plane for the purposes of karmic resolution through self-realisation, and to learn the art of working with energy.

By resolving karma through our process of self-realization, we become conscious co-creators and energy workers, as opposed to being enslaved by concepts of predestination, or that our physical limitations are all that define us.

All the necessary data that advanced Ancient people could download into their inner-spaces to develop things like incredible ancient architecture and culture, was provided by a process of co-creation between the free-willed manifestations of incarnate humans in conjunction with the guiding sacred energetic templates of the universal consciousness.

The evolution of humanity has been one of co-creation all along, however through the ages, as we moved further and further down into the denser and more materialistic vibrations of our consciousness, we lost awareness of our vital part in it.

Our consciousness came to be dominated by the belief in our separateness from everyone and everything. The belief that our thoughts and feelings have no direct effect on creating the world around us.

When great sages like the Buddha said things like: “with our thoughts we shape the world,” they weren’t just referring to the way we think, and how it influences our actions in the physical world, they were, at a more esoteric level, relating how our thought patterns co-creatively participate in moulding the very structure of reality itself at the subtle energetic and subatomic level.

This happens because there is no actual separation between observer and event. We are given the illusion of separation between ourselves and other things by the narrowing of our sensory ratios into a small sliver of the available spectrum of experience.

Energy waves become bound up in the qualities of our mental patterns which causes them to become the denser and slower moving patterns that we identify as matter.

As an individual is an inseparable part of a collective ecology of consciousness, personal evolution creates a kind of expansion of evolutionary opportunities, not just for the individuals and humanity but for all beings within our galaxy and universe. This is expressive of the idea of a holographic universe. That like a hologram, a change in one part, is reflected in all other parts equally.

The connection between personal and collective evolution might also be described by physics concept of Quantum Entanglement. Meaning that a change in the state of the subatomic realm in one part of the universe, is reflected in other parts of the universe despite the fact that they may be extraordinarily far apart.

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When we as a species truly learn to connect with the grand inner-architecture of our higher selves, we will realize that we actually possess an ability to communicate and access information directly from the living energetic ecology of the universe and those that inhabit it, both physically on our plane of reality and inter-dimensionally.

This is sure to happen in ways that defy even our wildest ability to imagine. Ways that make the most super advanced internet imaginable, look like two rusty tin cans connected by a rotten string.


To be continued…



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