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Galactic SuperWave on 8-8 Lions Gate


Deep intergalactic inspiration. Ancient echoes from a timeless well of deep spiritual activation and remembrance. Looking forward to this. I hope this time brings much that is healing and beneficial to to your lives. Shared with love to you all!

2012 The Awakening

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The 8-8 Lions Gateway occurs every year in August during the time of Leo, the Lion. It is a special galactic event that enhances your ability to fully embody the divine self in physical form. The powerful energies of the Lion’s Gate portal are assisting Gaia through the Gateways of Time and into the higher dimensions that are guarded by the Royal Sirian Lions of yesterday and tomorrow

The Lions Gateway opens the ‘hallways of time’ to ancient history when Sirian Masters traveled to Earth and taught the principles of Ascension in the Mystery Schools of Egypt’s Zep Tepi civilization. They taught the lost Art of Alchemy, which they recorded on sacred scrolls, on pyramid walls and in the Halls of Amenti.

Blue Star Sirius streams the indigo blue Light codes of an advanced race of Light Beings to Gaia and humanity that initiates the path of Ascension…

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