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Going west – the talking stone

Another fantastic dose of folklore from the Isles. Highly recommended reading.

The Silent Eye

Wales 114

While I was researching the cathedral at St Davids, I came across a couple of legends that caught my fancy. Both of them concern Llechllafar, the talking stone. The name just by itself was intriguing… where did the emphasis lie? Was it a stone that spoke, or a stone where people could speak? I soon found out and it tied in with the legends of the old corpse roads that Stuart and I had come across when working on our books.

When villages began to get their own churches, quite often  it would only be the mother church of the area that had burial rights. People were obliged to carry their dead, often long distances, to bury their loved ones. There were many legends associated with these old highways that could scale hills and ford rivers for mile upon mile, following a straight line, very like the leys, that might…

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6 thoughts on “Going west – the talking stone

    • Why not make that a reality. Dream with your eyes open? With current tech it’s never been easier. All you would need is some crowd-sourced funding. There are plenty of sites on the web that could help you to achieve this. Put together a strategy and a short promo film, float it and call for donations. Something like: “A cultural and geo-mapping initiative that seeks to rediscover, preserve and share precious local wisdom on the sacred ancient sites of the British Isles with the world.” With the money, you could employ a professional web designer to build a site that could handle 3d geo-spatial mapping that could use interactive multi-media tags, leyline templates, soundfiles, and links to yours and Stuart’s writings on each particular site and / or videos of you guys reading excepts from your books or other relevant classic texts, interviews with historians, folklorists, storytellers, Druids or knowledgable people etc. Essentially a living library of ancient wisdom and folklore.


      • That sounds like a dream to follow, Leeby…and I think it needs some talking about. At present, my days are occupied by my son and his needs… but not for too much longer. Then I’ll be out of work and seeking a new direction…

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        • I’m in a similar situation. I’m keen to set up my own business, but parental responsibilities are all consuming at the moment. I have a vision, but meanwhile I’m managing to have a very meaningful impact in my social media communities. Good luck. And if there is anything I can do to help in any of your projects let me know. Warmest regards.


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